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Floriana Hall's "My Butterfly Clock"
I can hear the clock ticking
As dawn greets a new day,
The hours pass so quickly,
Butterfly pendulum at play.  

The seconds and minutes gone in a flash,
Like a flicker of fireflies at dusk,
My life ebbing closer to heaven,
Written on the wind as it gusts.

Each moment spent in splendor
Despite disappointment or pain,
Welcoming sunshine and flowers,
Snow, storms, or intermittent rain.

With faith in God, my Savior,
I trod the path slowly,
Trying to benefit the world
Of strong, meek and lowly.

Swinging butterfly mesmerizing,
To and fro movement,
Cares of each day accepted,
I turn to prayer for improvement.

Floriana Hall - July 13, 2003
"My Butterfly Clock" posted with the permission of the author Floriana Hall - Posted 16 Oct 03.

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