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Debby Jaries's "Moonless Night"
© 2004 Debby Jaries
A December night, with no moon at that
Once in the morning on my porch where I sat
I thought of the day, how the rain it did pour
It rained and it rained until it rained no more.
And now it was chilly and the sky it was clear
Although I was alone I had nothing to fear.
Yesterday being over, Christmas was now behind. 
The last week in December was left to unwind.
I wondered about tomorrow, what kind of day it would be
I said a small prayer for tomorrow Id see.
That come rain or shine it will be a good day,
To face any and all that would come my way.
For there to be many tomorrows, for me, yet to live.
And the moon would return with its light which to give.

"Moonless Night" © 2004 by Debby Jaries, posted Sunday, April 04, 2004.

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