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Alicia Bayleran's "There's a Place Where Angels Go to Die"
"There's a place where angels go to die,
and, if you promise not to cry,
I'll take you to this place of rest,
that you may know the face of death.

It's a place of solace from despair -
don't say a word; don't shed a tear -
for here the angels come to sleep,
and they may wake if you should weep.

So follow me and I will tell
of this place not far from hell
where fallen angels rest in peace
and dream of heaven's finest feasts.

Follow me and I will show
the place where all lost angels go."

"Take me to your holy ground
for what is lost cannot be found.
Maybe there I'll find some sleep;
I will follow if you lead..."
"There's a Place Where Angels Go to Die" posted with the permission of the author Alicia Bayleran (shadowfoxx) - Posted Tuesday, December 09, 2003.

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