Jul/Aug 2004 Featured Poet's:

PC's Veteran Featured Poet's:

"Adios Amigo"
"Enjoy The Season"

"The Visitation"

"Summer Days"
"Grandma's Journal"
"On Grandpa's Farm"
"The Hunt For Morels"
"God's Precious Pearl"
and, "Fifties Reminiscing"

Donald E. Felch
"Perilous Partnership"

PC's Veteran Hold-Overs
Spring 04':

Charles Albano
"Earth As We Knew It"

David E. Barnes
"No Release -- No Connection"

"Unspoken Wordless Words"
"This Wrong Or Right In Life"
"The Mating Game"
"Thoughts In Winter"
and, "Shadows Alive In Sun"

Andrea Barnicle

and, "Sorry"

Kie Barr
"Letters On A Nameplate"
"If Tears Had Wings"
"The Lighthouse"
"A Heart For Bid"
"Yes He Does Love Me"
"No Guarantee"
"I Remember You"
"Heavenly Thoughts"
"The Story Of Job"
and, "Please Say You Remember Me"

Alicia Bayleran
"Pretty Day"

"...Where Angels Go To Die"
and, "Today"

Linda Bentley
"Never Forgotten"

and, "In Gods Eyes"

Matt Brown

M. A. Farnes
The Sun Shines On Me

and, "Peek-A-Boo"

Donald E. Felch
"Ablaze in Ice"

"The Ride"
"The Awakening"
"On the Road"
and, "Sunsets and Storms"

Andrea R M Fletcher
"Their Faith Was Restored"
"Tears on Earth"
and, "Remember the Forgotten Ones"

Floriana Hall
"A Moment Of Truth"

"Forsythia and Cynthia"
"Solar Awakening"
"Colorful Quest"
"Prelude To Easter"
"Analysis Of An Artist"
"Keep Smiling"
"On Any Fall Day"
"Pilgrims Are We"
"Blessings Like A Fountain"
"Human Passivity"
"Love For All Seasons"
"Beauty Rooted In Love"
"A Day In The Park"
"Old Flame"
"Unexplained And Unexpected"
"Alive Again"
"Speaking of Harmony"
"My Butterfly Clock"
"Lament Of Bondage"
"Whither The Weather"
"A Soldier's Dream"
"Softly, Love"
"Misadventures Of Rehab"
"Faux Fare"
"So Many Feelings"
"The Good Life"
"Beauty Rooted In Love"
"Sentimental Snow"
"It's Valentine's Day"
"Music Universal"
and, "Iced In"

Gary Hill

"Matters of the Heart"
"It's Strange"
and, "Perfect"

Andrianna Holt
"My First Baby"

"Lost Innocence"
"Sad Eyes"
"Remembering Tiger"
"Dear Daddy"
"A Soldier's Heart"
and, "Hero In Blue"

John Horvath Jr.
"Silas Greene On Green"

"Carousel In The Park"
and, "Pilot Dreams His Memories"

Duane Hume
"The Passing"
and, "Lonely"

Lanaia Lee
"The Spiral Staircase"
"Death Of A Queen"
"The Motel"
"City Of The Undead"
"Send Me Back"
"And I Know"
"In His Image"
"Always There"
"Lady On Horseback"
"Death Of A Pharaoh"
"For You"
"The Gardens"
"The Ice In The Night"
"Infinite Solitude"
"A Drink To The Death"
"The Oracle Of Delphi"
"Grief Being Without You"
and, "Under Your Spell"

Joyce C. Lock
"My Child"

"Belated Birthday Greetings"
"Some Bunny"
"Be My Valentine?"
"(Sympathy) So Sorry"
and, "TGIF"

Carol Dee Meeks
"As Torment Grew"

"Cars Drive Closer to Home"
"Denver Blues"
"The Dress"
"As Torment Grew"
"Fourth Month Rains"
"Death Of Rage"
"Feelings Need to Heal"
"Heaven and Earth"
"Guardian Of The River"
"Faith Today"
"Ended at The La Mancho"
"Days Bring New Moons"
"Autumn Foliage"
"Let Freedom Ring"
"Bad Versus Good"
"God is a Faithful, Loving Father"
"Kokopelli Moon Man"
"Grandma�s Tattoo"
"The Race"
"A Winter Beginning"
"An Old World, Plant, Cultivated"
and, "36 Times"

"Golden Eyes"

and, "Ageless~"

Karen Mooney (aka Angel)
"Happy Valentine's Day"

and, "Where Do Dreams Go"

Kris Nicholls
"You Came Back"

and, "It's To Late"

Jerry Riches
"the Haiku Collection"

"Atlantic Eyes"
"The Answer"
"Waterfall Series"
"The Brook"
"The Storm"
"The Girl In The Window"
"Dear River"
"Remember The River"
"A Hundred Miles Away"
and, "Gone"

Margaret C. Rigsby
"A Country Preacher"

"Look At Me"
and, "New Beginnings"

Sadina Roselin

"Feelings of Sorrow"
"Life's Mystery"
"Hand to Children"
"Lament Feeling"
"Fairy Tale"
"Sentimental Sweet"
"A Valentine Gift"
"Cheers and Tears"
"Mankind Secret"
"Magic Hill"
"Flowers for the Soul"
"Happy Valentine"
"E a s t e r"
"My Cat and I"
and, "Planted the Gift of Love"

Brian Sherman

and, "Stacy"

Mary Sherman
"Of Love"

Earl Shollenberger
"The Last Survivor"

"Ad Nausea"
and, "Symbiosis"

Haley Diane Volpe

"Flowers For Georgia"
"Listen To The Children"
"He Asked Her To Dance"
and, "Fairy Dreams"

Pearlie Duncan Walker
"Our Soldier Boy Went Home Today"

"The Battles of War"
"Young Love"
"As I look Upon Your Face"
"If I Could Fly"
"By the Seashore"
"Take My Hand"
"In the Earliest of the Morn"
"A Fragile Flower"
"Days Gone By"
"Last Year Is Gone"
"Christ�s Shed Blood"
"It's Christmas Time"
"The War of Wars"
"Born in Bethlehem"
"Gods� Holy Son"
"The Morning Dew"
"A New Beginning"
"Thou Art the Vine"
and, "There At Calvary"

Gary Wilkens
"refugee camp child, Tanzania"

and, "Juana of the Maquiladora"

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Jul/Aug 2004 Featured Poet's:

PC's Debut Featured Poet's:

"In da Hood"

Nancy Hoback
"In God's Garden"

Kate Steere
"Another Sleepless Night"

and, "A Spring Storm"

PC's Debut Hold-Overs Spring 04':

Paula Bronsing
"Seeking Her Heart"

Ann Brown
"Look After Your Granddad"
"When I Am Old"
"No Chance"
"Loving Arms"
"Northwich Town"
"Sitting in my Room at Night"
"When We Were Young"
"To Dad"
and, "The Empty House"

Sherri Emily Avery
"These Eyes, These Lips, These Hands"

"How You Melt My Beating Heart"
"You Are My Man"
"I Have Learned"
"Simple Pleasures"
"To My Soul Mate"
"Forever Yours"
and, "No One Will Ever Love You More"

Jennifer Nichole Bury
"Gift of the Heart"

Ariana Cherry
"Dreams And Jesus"

and, "Curtain Call"


"Do What You Will"
"Besessenheit [Obsession]"
"Bedeutunglos [Meaningless]"
"Again and Again (Joke Falls on Me)"
"Will Still and Always Be"
"Definition of Paradise"
"Did You ever Wonder?"
"Do What You Will"
"Drops of Rainfall"
"Entfernung (Distance)"
"Spark (Sequel to Caged)"
and, "The Bastard Son"

Paula Ellison
"Tear Drops Become Me"

Thomas Fortenberry
"Propping My Feet on Stone Henge"

"On the Eve, Slicing New Tomatoes"
and, "Margaret"

Julio Garcia
"Grand Finally"
and, "Crime 2003"

J. K. Gray
"New York Depiction"

and, "Lake"

Debby Jaries
"Lost and Only"
"Moonless Night"
"Aren't We The Same"
"Nothing Left To Say"
"A Cry"
"Fifty Years Ago"
"Family Tree"
"Where I Am Going?"
"The Kiss"
and, "Purple"

Anna Johnson
"Into The Night"

and, "Freedom"

"Fall / Winter / You '95 - '96"
and, "Shattered"

"Life Is A Weird Thing"

Susan Krause
"Finality And Ecstacy"

"Cyber Love"
and, "Ghosts"

Tony Largaespada


and, "An Intimate Moment"

Yvonne Maria Londres
"Mermaids And Mermen"

Pankaj Mongia
"Leave Me Alone"

Vanessa Mosher

and, "My Grave"

Tina Orlando
"Who Am I?"

"Love Letter"
and, "What Lies Beneath"

Debra Palmer
"Spread The Joy"

Lesley Powers
"~Morning's Shore~"

Deborah Eileen Sauers
"F i n d The Blessing!"

"....& Revealing The Unveiler"
"Life is a Snowglobe"
"Solar Morning Fix"
"P A R A D I S E"
"The Line"
"The Foolish Lack The Faith"
"A Talk With Myself"
"Made Eternal"
and, "Seeking To Sink In"

Donnette Schumacher
"Take Your Dreams"

Singleton Tate

"Heavy Rains Turn Into Rainbows"
"Crumbling Down"
and, "What Is Love?"

Tri Tran
"Nighttime�s Peace"

and, "A Visit From Heaven"

"Thoughts of You..."

and, "Message in the Wind"

Alisha Waters

Amy Weaver
"I Conjure You Nocturnal"

Amanda Williams
"Love Forever"

Mark Young
"A Lesson Learned"

"A Mothers Love"
"A Promise Made"
and, "A Lasting Impression"

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