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Win WISP version history

 Updated!  Win WISP 0.9.4 (~500kB)

 Updated!  Win WISP Help (~50kB)

Latest Wisp628 firmware (1.09)

    Win WISP

Win WISP is a simple Windows interface program to Wisp628 device. Wisp628 is a PICmicro programmer designed by Wouter van Ooijen. This software is also partially based on the XWISP program. For more information on Wisp628 and XWISP see

Some of the the Win WISP capabilities are:

  • High speed programming
    For example the 2k of code region of an 16F628 is programmed within 15 seconds!
  • Built in terminal window
    This allows you to communicate with WISP device or directly with the target chip. Baud rate is selectable separately for WISP and the target. An option is provided for automatically entering the terminal mode after successful programming.
  • Customizable WISP baudrate
    WISP device communication speed is selectable up to 115k. This improves programming speed.
  • Customizable programming delay
    WISP device has an option for setting the programming delay. This setting has a remarkable influence on programming speed.
  •  New!  Can preserve specific memory locations and bits
    According to Microchip's specification, some memory locations and some bits must be preserved when erasing or writing the chip (e.g. the internal RC oscillator calibration word, or band gap bits).
  • Chip definitions in external files
    Chip definitions are stored in ini-like external text files. Structure of these files allows the user to add new chips.
  • It is FREE!
    This software is freeware. It may be freely distributed and used. However, it comes with absolutely no warranty of any kind. If you find this software useful please let me know.

PIC's tested

Till now, I have only tested the following PIC chips:

  • PIC 16F84, 16f84A
  • PIC 15F628

I plan to test some other chips in the near future as time and money allows. Any help with this is greatly welcome. I encourage everyone to create and modify the chip definition files as they hopefully allow settings for other chips as well. See the help file for details.

Version history

version 0.9.4, June 9. 2003

Minor changes in user interface.

Read/Verify support fully implemented.

Support for preserving specific memory locations and bits added.

Some annoying bugs fixed.

version 0.9.3, May 26. 2003

Minor changes in user interface.

Separate writes of regions are now supported. No read/verify is implemented yet.

The new version of Wisp628 firmware is available (v 1.09) - it seems to repair some bugs so the error fix options are now obsolete. Also the programming speed setting has now remarkable influence on programming speed.

version 0.9.2, May 17. 2003

Fixed data (EEPROM) writing error.

version 0.9.1, May 16. 2003

Fixed handling of HEX image files. HEX image files created with MPLAB assembler worked fine but not those created by HI-TECH C compiler. This was corrected.

version 0.9, April 25. 2003

This is the initial release.

Only writing of all regions is supported. No separate region writes nor reads are implemented yet..

Copyright 2003 by Gabriel Szabo,

Last modified on June 9. 2003

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