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Squirrel Wildlife Rehabilitation

If you came here looking for help with an orphaned squirrel, I will do my best to help you with the little squirrel that you have found. My objective here is to help you get in touch with a wildlife rehabilitator in your area that can take the squirrel you have found.

You can check the page Locate A Wildlife Rehabilitator to see if you can find a rehabber in your area. If there are none listed on that page for your area, please check with any local veterinarians and emergency animal hospitals. They usually have someone that they can call if they get a wild animal in. You can also check with your states Wildlife Resources Commission or its equivalent in your state. They have a list of all the licensed rehabilitators in your state and should be able to refer you to someone. Make sure you tell them that you have found a squirrel as some rehabbers only do birds or may only do large mammals, but they may know someone that does squirrels.

I have set up an auto responder that will send you emergency care information. To get that information sent to you, send a blank email to Do not type in any information as it will not be read by anyone, the response is sent to you automatically. Then go to the Locate A Wildlife Rehabilitator page and contact the rehabber closest to you.

If you do not want the information sent to you, I have provided some information HERE on what to do if you find an injured or orphaned squirrel. If it is an injured adult, please take PRECAUTIONS so that you do not get bitten.

NOTE: If you write to me to help you locate a rehabilitator for baby squirrels that you have found, you MUST provide me with your city and state so that I can help you find a rehabber in your area. Also, please give me a valid e-mail address so that we can get back in touch with you. Thanks !!

What Is Wildlife Rehabilitation?

My name is Pam, I am a wildlife rehabilitator, which means that I take in injured and orphaned wildlife. Rehabbers are required in most states to be licensed. I am licensed by the state in which I reside and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

My goal as a rehabilitator is to raise the animals that I receive and return them to the wild. I have been doing this for 7 years now. Although I have a State and Federal permit I do not take in everything that is covered under those permits. My main focus has been on Eastern Grey Squirrels, Southern Flying Squirrels and Opossums.

Found A Baby Squirrel?

If you have found a squirrel and need assistance, click on the squirrel below.

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