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Welcome to the website for Jewish Gamers.  This is an offshoot of the Yahoo Group of the same name.  The group is dedicated to connecting Jews in the gaming world... a heretofore completely disenfranchised and disconnected but nonetheless significant minority in the gaming universe.  This forum has been created to address Jewish issues as they pertain to gaming, and gaming issues as they pertain to Judaism.  It is also geared toward making contacts with other Jewish gamers locally.  Last, but by no means least, the group is dedicated to having fun!

Gaming-wise, there are no restrictions. Whether you play an RPG, a LARP, a MMORPG, chess, tiddlywinks or whatever... you're welcome.

We would like to limit this group to those who are Jewish, considering conversion or who are genuinely interested in Judiasm.

Missionaries are not welcome.  Anti-semetic or proselytizing posts are not welcome.  Be forewarned that we've got a zero tolerance policy - we don't give warnings to blatant offenders.  Basically, be reasonable and respectful and you won't get into trouble.

Please join us at the Jewish Gamers Yahoo Group

Contact: Fido Dogstoyevsky

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