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[my 1973 124 spider]

My Fiat, a 1973 124 Spider

Major work performed so far:

Starter, Alternator, Battery, Voltage regulator, Halogen headlights, Radio Console, Dashcap, Center console, New front & rear shocks, Driving lights, Beautiful custom Mahogany Dash, Spark plug wires, Car alarm, and new Tires (Not shown), new door panels, new seat covers, rebuild engine, Replace some (ok all) seals, installed 32DMSA carb & 1800 manifold.

Future work to be performed:

Rust Repair (ongoing),  New Mirrors, Repair Clock, repaint.

Check out this cool Fiat commercial (it is 39 sec long) so make sure it all loads :

Car Info:

Engine: 1608cc, Transmission: 5 speed, Manufacturing Date: 10/72, Milage: 63233.

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