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Rabbit Links:


     ARBA - American Rabbit Breeders Association

ARBA District 9 - DC, DE, MD, NC, PA, SC, VA, WV

HLRSC - Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club

NMRRC - National Mini-Reex Rabbit Club

HRBA - Havana Rabbit Breeders Assoc.

ASRBA - American Satin Rabbit Breeders Assoc.

NRRC - National Rex Rabbit Club



RRBA - >Richmond Rabbit Breeders Association, VA

SMRCC - Southern Maryland Rabbit & Cavy Club, MD

SRF - Sandhills Rabbit Fanciers, NC

MMRSC - Majestic Mini-Rex Specialty Club

PaSRBA - Pennsylvania State Rabbit Breeders Assoc.,, PA

CRBA - Crossroads Rabbit Breeders Assoc., NC

NCRBA - North Carolina Rabbit Breeders Assoc., NC<

NWGCRC - Northwest Georgia Cavy & Rabbit Club, GA


Rabbit Forums:

Correll's Rabbitry Forum

Rabbit Habbit


The Rabbit Patch

Rabbit Addicts

Rabbits Only

Rabbits Unlimited

Rabbits Valley


Equipment Suppliers:

Bass Equipment Company - Rabbit supplies

Klubertanz Equipment Co., INC - Rabbit cages and suppplies

Morton Jones Cages and Supplies - Rabbit supplies  

Woody's Wabbits - Rabbit and cavy supplies

Da-Mars - Cages and Supplies

KW Cages - Cages and supplies

AgSelect - Watering Supplies

Custom Cage Works - Lots of custom built cages and designs

Evans Software


Holland Lop Breeders:

Shady Oak Rabbitry - Alabama

Lops-R-Us - Connecticut

Nix's Rabbitry - Georgia

Mars Rabbitry - Illinois

Cherubun Haven - New Jersey

Bentwillow Bunnies - North Carolina 

Ivy Patch - North Carolina

Mountain Bunny Farm - North Carolina

Silver Valley Bunnies - North Carolina

Sugar Plum Bunnies - North Carolina

Rose Hill Hollands - Pennsylvania

THF Hollands - Pennsylvania (Youth)

Blessed Bunny Rabbitry - Virginia (Youth)

Duskwood Hollands - Virginia (Youth)

Roseline Bunnies - Virginia 

Saynora - Virginia

C & B Bunnies - Virginia


Mini-Rex Breeders:

Sociable Rabbitry - Vermont

Karg's Carrot Patch - Ohio

Kolweiers Critters - Illinois

Covered Bridge Rabbitry - Maryland

Iris Patch Mini-Rex - Maryland

Triple Creek Rabbits - New Jersey

Caraway Cuddle Bunnies - North Carolina

Sirius Mini-rex - Rhode Island


Other Breeders:

Travis Tans Rabbitry - Maryland (Tan Rabbits)

Bonne Bunnies - Illinois (English & Holland Lops)

Rare Bits & Pieces - Texas (Perlfee, Thrianta, Lionhead, and many more!)


Informative Links:

Usagi no Tsukiyo Rabbitry - North Dakota

Hollands Illustrated

Bunny Connections - Most complete collection of breeders I have ever seen

Mini-rex Color Crossing Rules

The Pencil Test - Mini-rex guide to type evaluation

Lop Color Guide

Rabbit Genetics

Genotyping Rabbits

Holland Lop Color Genetics

Broken Color Genetics


Health & Nutrition Links:

Max Factor Genetics



Cavy Links:  


ACBA - American Caavy Breeders Association

MACBA - Mid-Atlantic Cavy Breeders Association

NCCBA -  North Carolina Cavy Breeders Association

SMRCC - Southern Maryland Rabbit & Cavy Cllub

RVBG - Rare Varieties & Breeds Group

RVBG Message Board



See above (Rabbits Section) for cage suppliers.

Oxboy Hay Company

Evans Software


Teddy and Teddy Satin Breeders:

Garber's Guineas - Maryland (Standard & Satin)

Briar Patch Cavies - New York (Standard & Satin)

Moon & Stars Caviary - New York (Satin)

Val's Teddies - New York (Standard)

Movie Time Cavies - New York (Standard & Skinny)


American and Amer Satin Breeders:

SLM Caviary - Connecticut 

Wild Heart Caviary - New Hampshire

Dream Catcher Cavies - New Jersey

The Cavy Castle - Maryland


Poultry Links:

FeatherSite - A really good websitte for pictures and information

The Poultry Connection - A great site for information and links



Eggcartons.com - Suppplier of eggs cartons and egg handling equipment

McMurray Hatchery - A very popular hatchery

Welp's Hatchery - This hatchery is used by most of the farm supply stores

Ideal Poultry - This is the hatchery I use quite a bit

Cackle Hatchery - This hatchery has excellent prices


Dog Links:

AKC - American Kennel Club for Purebred Dogs

CKC - Continental Kennel Club  

Colors of the Siberian Husky

Carting with Your Dog - A good website for information and links

Drivers la Cart - Good for information and special driving equipment

Ikon Outfitters - Pulling harnesses and canine recreational equipment supplier

K-9 Sulkys - A maker of very nice canine driving carts


Farm Supply Links:

National Band and Tag Co.

Omaha Vaccine Company

Valley Vet Supply

Jeffers Livestock Supply

Merck Online Veterinary Manual  - Veterinary information, not a supplier


Dairy Goat Links:

Caprine Supply

Hoegger Supply

Pipestone Veterinary - Provide sheep and goat supplies

Sydell Sheep and Goat Supply - They have mostly handling equipment but also carry some supplies

ADGA - American Dairy Goat Association

     Virginia Tech Dairy Goat Homepage

      Kapri Acres - New Jersey Nubian breeder

      Khimaira Dairy Goat Farm - Virginia Nubian breeder


Miscellaneous Links:

Bulk Foods - Great source for grains, herbs, etc. (they also sell candy)

Plants by Mail - A great source for information about mail-order plant companies

Pinetree Garden Seeds

The Old Timer Page - A very interesting site with lots of information about "the way 

        things were done back when...."




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