FAF is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, just a few miles from interstate 81.  Our central location on the east coast, and our proximity to a major north-south roadway permits us to get to several northerly and southerly shows each year.  We have ventured as far north as New Jersey, and as far south as Georgia to attend shows.

I started out as an average animal lover, and was always attracted by the exotic, those animals I'd never kept.  I got into rabbits originally to raise for meat, and eventually turned to showing.  Guinea pigs were an adventure all to themselves, though I went into that fancy intending to show.  For a more detailed history of the farm and it's inhabitants, see History of FAF.

My children have now joined me in our rabbit adventure, though they have separated from the farm slightly by creating their own subsidiary rabbitry, called Cross-Hares Rabbitry.  They raise their own individual breeds, though both work on the same varieties.  The oldest, Jessi, shows and raises Himalayans, and the youngest, Ari, shows and keeps Himi marked Netherland Dwarves.  My other half has not yet joined in the fun, but is a good sport about it all, and will even hold a bunny or pig from time to time.







































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