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I think I can best describe what this site is about, by telling you what it is not.
There is nothing to buy here, no books, pamphlets, tapes or videos. If that is what you are looking for, there are plenty of other sites that can sell you something.

There are no detailed Biblical arguments here. After fifteen years or so of arguing with people over Bible verses, I am, quite frankly, rather tired of it. I do discuss the Watch Tower Society's interpretation of certain key Bible texts in the Myths section, as is required to show they really are myths.

This site is not about helping you "find Christ" or become a "true Christian" by joining yet another religious group. After many years of pushing one particular religious view, that of the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society, I consider this whole idea of "my way is right, your way is wrong" vain and elitist. There are plenty of other ex-JW sites run by members of various Christian groups that offer to help you sort out how to worship God your way.

Growth? What growth?
The Feb 1, 2001 Watchtower, on page 13, claims that "Jehovah's blessing is clearly evident on the greatest Bible educational work that has ever been done in all the world...". Really? Exactly where is it evident? Not in New Zealand, or Australia, or Britain, or Canada, or France, or Germany, or Japan, or Spain or the USA, or...

This site contains:
How I got into the organization and why I left after fifteen years.
Why do people join the Watch Tower Society, or Jehovah's Witnesses? Although they usually don't like to admit it, most of those who become witnesses do so when depressed or after a personal crisis of some sort. Here is my story.

My favourite Jehovah's Witness myths

Jehovah's Witnesses are told that they have been set free from enslavement to superstition and myths. Oh Really?
Well, have you heard this one: "Jehovah reveals his purpose to humans in a progressive manner, in flashes of "new light" which is why his organisation must make changes from time to time".

Or what about this one: "Jehovah's Witnesses have no clergy ö all are brothers and sisters"

And what about the Watch Tower society's claim that Jehovah's Witnesses voluntarily refuse blood transfusions?

Are you studying the Bible with Jehovah's Witnesses?
What your Bible study conductor hasn't told you - and won't until after you're baptised!

Do you have a friend or family member in the organisation?
What do you do? How can you help to get them out?

Are you struggling to stay in "the truth"? You're not alone
The Society are losing vast numbers of members each year. Virtually every western country reporting its activities is facing negative growth. Look at the graph of the Sociey's "growth" in New Zealand and Australia over the past 12 years and see for yourself.

Penny's story
How Penny overcame her fear of the Watch Tower Society's ban on blood.

Want to add your story?
If you are a JW survivor and would like to share your story, email it to me here. Your name does not have to be published if you don't want it to be.

Links to other resources

OK, This area is a bit light - but I will add more info and links here shortly.

Why I choose to remain anonymous

I do not use my name or disclose any personal information on this site. Why not?

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