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(The Hot Dance)
An Oral History of Irish Dance in Arizona

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Elizabeth Venable
text published Fall 2003, website published Spring 2004
all rights reserved
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Irish Dance in Arizona Oral History Text
Oral History Means Quotes from People that Were There!

Chapter One- Beginnings

Chapter Two- Mary McCormack: 1964-1980

Chapter Three-Kathleen McCafferty, Nora Pearse, Dottie Flynn Wood, Mary Doyle, and the Phoenix Feis: The Early 1980s
Chapter Four- Pat Hall Brings the McTeggart School to Tucson and Phoenix

Chapter Five
-Ron Plummer and Doireann Maoleidigh: the Middle 1980s and Onward in Phoenix

Chapter Six
- The Beginnings of the Bracken and McElligott Schools and Continuation of the McTeggart School: the Mid to Late 1980s

Chapter Seven
- Dancing at the turn of the Millenium
Summary and Glossary of Terms


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