Jonathan "Schulz"

Handler Information
Handler Name: Jon Schulz
Handler E-mail:
Handler AIM: Leoboy2589, Leoboy725, DrSchulz725

Wrestler's Vital Stats
Wrestler's Real Name: Jonathan T. Schulz
Wrestler's Ring Name: Schulz
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 07/25/87
Height: 6'6
Weight: 250 lbs
Hometown: White Plains, NY

Wrestler's Profile
Alignment: Heel
Physical Appearance: Tall, muscular but not od like Lesnar or Steiner. Crew cut (black hair), matt hardy type beard, tattoos on both upperarms and on upper back. Schulz has black Heidenreich type gloves, black knee pads, black sneakers. He has black jean shorts that say Schulz around the left leg.

Gimmick/Personality: Schulz is a bully, a real a-hole. He likes to haze all of the jobbers and all of the up-and-comers. Although he is not a veteran himself, he acts as if he is the best and has been in the business for a long time.

Theme Music: "We Stand Up" By Atreyu

Background on Wrestler: Look at Gimmick/Personality

Wrestling Style and Move List
Wrestling Style: Submission / General
Basic Move 1: Forearm Drop (Randy Orton Style)
Basic Move 2: Leg Drop (Both Standing or Top Rope)
Basic Move 3: Sharpshooter
Basic Move 4: Double-Arm DDT
Basic Move 5: Full Nelson (Schulzerlock)
Basic Move 6: Cross Arm Stretch (Schulz Stretch)

Trademark Move 1: Schulz Bomb
Move Description: Full Nelson Bomb/Bubba Bomb
Trademark Move 2: Schulzinality Test
Move Description: Cobra Clutch Bomb
Trademark Move 3: Dragon Sleeper DDT
Move Description: Standing Dragon Sleeper into Saving Grace/Reverse DDT Drop into sitting Dragon Sleeper

Finishing Move 1: Schulz Slam
Move Description: Angle Slam/Olympic Slam
Setup Move: Turnbuckle Body Splash or Turnbuckle Clothesline
Move Description: Look Above

Finishing Move 2: Schulz Spear
Move Description: Gore/Goldberg-esque Spear
Setup Move: Schulz Slam
Move Description: Love at Finishing Move 1

Awards and Achievements
-Match of the Week (8)
-Roleplay of the Week (2)
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