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How the Captain judges and scores role-plays.

Alright, one thing that any half experienced role-player knows is that every owner wants different things out of role-plays. Well, this section is to give you a better idea of what will make me happy and thus make you win more matches. There are a lot of things to look at but I will give you an idea of what I'd like out of each and about how important they are.

There are four sections to this.



Length. Length is relatively important. It won't, however, make or break you if you have a really creative role-play. I do like the role-plays to have some length to them. Generally you will get a little out of simple effort. You can't write a really long and really boring role-play and expect to get an 8 or better out of it; but having a really short and bad role-play might get you a 3 or 4 and a long and boring role-play might get you a 5 or 6. If your opening action is one sentence and then the talking is a single paragraph and then you end it ... you are going to get a 2. Unless you say something really funny and then you might get a 2.5 or 3. To get a higher score, you need some length to it.

Now length can, however, be used against you. If it is important to you for me to read your role-play ... then don't bore me. If you are going to write a long role-play; make it worth reading. I have a lot of role-plays each week to read and I don't want to spend 20 minutes reading a role-play that has absolutely NO point to it. I don't want to read about how big of a loser your opponent is for 20 minutes. If it is going to be that long; tell a story and get me interested.


Originality is very important. Give me something different. I do not expect every role-play that you write to change my life, but give me something I haven't seen 500 times before. In other words, come up with a story about your wrestler. Don't just sit on a bench and tell me about how big of a queer your opponent is. Does there need to be some trash talking? Of course. But come up with a different way to suggest that you're going to win the match. Try to be creative and at times, artsy with your role-plays. Try new things. Even if it doesn't work; don't worry so much about it. You never know when I'll really like a segment. I also appreciate the idea of you trying to give me something unique to read.


I have a few suggestions that I've given to other wrestlers on how to really improve in general. Well; storylines are sometimes hard to come by. This federation is set up to give you guys a billion things to role-play about. It sets up a perfect situation for you to build a real story around your characters. Consider the nature of this federation. East Coast Wrestling ... it is an absolute shit hole. Seriously. I mean it has heart and out of character I think it has a LOAD of potential; but in character ... its the lowest of all federations. It is on the bottom of the Indy circuit. You guys aren't wrestling in actual arenas or even convention centers yet. You're in high schools. The first show was in an Elementary school. If you win you get $100. You take a royal ass kicking you get $50. You could make a much better living flipping burgers at McDonalds. But for some reason; your wrestlers are here. Why? Don't tell me its for the glory. There is no glory in having 100 witness you beat some dude who is probably a cart pusher at Wal-Mart.

There has got to be some reason your guy is here. Some of the wrestlers here have history and have won titles. Then why are you wrestling in a federation that has none? Grant it we are about to crown our first champion ... but still. Its a cheap ECW replica. What makes your characters tick? What are their weaknesses? Tell me a story. Don't be afraid to think of something long-term.

If you lose, unless your character is in complete denial, don't just say your loss was a fluke. Come up with a story. Maybe your guy is embarrassed or maybe he's having a hard time dealing with it and he needs to go to self-esteem classes to get his mojo back. Write some segments with him doing that.

Loses as well as wins are nothing but brain new windows to give you an opportunity to tell me a story.

Some of you have done a great job ... when you no showed; you came up with a storyline for why you did that. That's great thinking. Expect me to play with those, however, just for storyline. Unless you write a 500 line role-play with nothing happening in it; I have read every single segment written for this company so far. So when you say something in your role-play; I'm going to play with it.


I don't have a set way of giving out scores. Generally I grade them on a scale of 1 to 10 and 5 is an average role-play. It is decent; but not great. Most of the segments I write for the NPCs take me about 15 minutes and end up average in length. They usually get 5s. Anything above 5 is above average. Below, probably needs some improvement to be a title contender.

I'm not giving out many scores above 6 or 7 until I see some stuff that really stands out. Not to say that a 7 is not a good score; it is; but if someone shows up and completely blows me away ... I want there to be room for improvement in scores.

If you guys are not satisfied with your scores, email me. I will spend as much time as I can giving you suggestions.
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