Richmond, Virginia
Monday, August 28, 2006

Siegal Center

Roleplays Due ... Sunday, August 27th @ 10 PM USA Eastern Time

ECW presents Lethal Lottery '06

ECW World Heavyweight Championship
Singles Match

The Boy With No Name (c) vs. Kazuhiko Matsui

[Kazuhiko Matsui gets the opportunity of a lifetime. Will he be able to make due of it or will the Boy With No Name walk out with an easy win at Lethal Lottery?]
Lethal Lottery Touranment
Winner wins World Title Shot at Sept. Supercard
Runner Up wins TV Title shot at Sept. supercard

1. American Enforcer
2. Benji Morgan
3. Dalton Clarke
4. El Phantasmo
5. Fox
6. Jaymin
7. Joey Bourne
8. Johnny Hardcore
9. Kazuhiko Matsui
10. Mike E. Sudden
11. The Myth
12. Myzery
13. Nick Jackson
14. Schulz
15. Sean Fury
16. Trevor Bale

[Here is how this will work. At the Super Card; all 16 wrestler's names will be thrown into a hat. Two names will be drawn at random and they will form a team. Two more names will be drawn and then they will form a tag-team. The winning team will advance to round 2. We will continue this until all 16 have wrestled and we are down to 8 wrestlers. We will then select teams again and have 2 more tag-team matches. Once we have 4 wrestlers left in the tournament; they will be entered in a battle royale. Eliminations in the battle royale can be scored via pinfall, submission or being thrown over the top rope. The winner will be given a special ring and will be declared the year's "Lord of the Ring." He will also receive a HUGE cash prize as well as a World Title shot at the September super card. The runner up will receive a TV title shot.]
Special Appearance

[What would an ECW Super Card be without Shakira?]

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