Jackie Hardcore

Handler Information
Handler Name: John Rogers
Handler E-mail:Pyrocrawler@optonine.net
Handler AIM:Bigwhite666

Wrestler's Vital Stats
Wrestler's Real Name: Jackie Cole
Wrestler's Ring Name: Jackie Hardcore
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: March 6, 1986
Height: 5'7
Weight: 125
Hometown: New York, New York

Wrestler's Profile
Alignment: Neutral
Physical Appearance: Blond hair, nice body slighty built

Gimmick/Personality: what ever johnny hardcore is

Theme Music: "Just a Girl" by No Doubt

Background on Wrestler: Her step sister was a pro wrestler and followed in her footsteps, has a younger teenage brother that is following in both of thier foot steps in fighting, met Johnny Hardcore, fell in love with him and respects his choices due to hes previous dead girlfriend. she became his manager and she is able to throw down in a hardcore style like johnny can

Wrestling Style and Move List
Wrestling Style: mixed
Basic Move 1: super kick
Basic Move 2: Headlocks
Basic Move 3: drop toe hold
Basic Move 4: arm bar
Basic Move 5:suplex

Trademark Move 1: the Crucifix
Move Description: gets enemy to the center of the ring. knocks them to the floor then lays down, wraps her legs around thier head, locks her legs between thier legs, squeezes the the head grabs thier hands and locks them with hers and she stretches out her body causing them to strecth and she squeezes

Trademark Move 2: Hurricanrana
Move Description: gets on the to rope and jumps, gets her legs around enemies head then spins them

Trademark Move 3: super duper punch
Move Description: Spins her hand in a windmill type motion and follows through the punch to knock her enemy out and sets up for the hardcore slam

Finishing Move: Hardcore Slam
Move Description: Brings the enemy to the top rop and does a rock bottom off the top rop and slams them to the mat

Setup Move: Irish whip in to the corner or super duper punch
Move Description: irish whip or look above

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