ECW Presents ... Monday Night Fusion!!!

Richmond, Virginia

Manchester High School
May 22nd, 2006

[The scene opens with "Higher Ground," ECW's Fusion theme playing very loudly over their weak stereo system. There are 253 fans paid to see this week's show. The fans are pretty loud.]

=PHIL GRAU= Welcome everyone to another edition of ECW Monday Night Fusion!! We are just one week away from ECW's first ever Super Card! A World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned and a new era will begin in ECW.

=BRAD TUGGLE= One of those men may be competing in tonight's Main Event.

=PHIL GRAU= Then again; it may be Johnny Hardcore. The only man to beat him in a singles match is Bale who is no longer in the tournament.

=BRAD TUGGLE= Speaking of Bale ... it is rather sad ... he was forced to leave East Coast Wrestling because of an infection we learned he had. We understand he has yet to give up. A camera crew went with him tonight to Chippenham hospital where he is being checked up on. Here ... we have a clip.

[The scene cuts to the local hospital. Trevor Bale is sitting on a bench in a pair of jeans and a plain blue T-shirt. Sarah is sitting next to him holding his hand. They are as quiet as a pair of rocks. A few moments later, Dr. Kennedy comes out. He speaks with Bale but we can't tell what he is saying. Bale looks really upset. He turns around and punches the wall and his fast slams straight through the wall. He is handed some papers and Bale shakes in anger. He takes Sarah's hand and they disappear.]

=PHIL GRAU= What the Hell was that? Where was the audio? What happened?

=BRAD TUGGLE= I have no clue. But Bale looked really mad. Doesn't look like he got the news he was looking for.

=PHIL GRAU= Did you expect anything else?

=BRAD TUGGLE= Not really.

[As soon as he says that, "Listening" by the Used starts to play. Jaymin and Myzery make their way out from the back with a loud chorus of boos from the crowd.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= The following tag-team contest is scheduled for one fall! Coming to the ring first from White Plains, New York at a combined weight of 343 pounds ... from Ruthless Youth ... Jaymin and Myzery!!

[The fans continue to boo. They climb into the ring and the ref checks them out for foreign weapons. None. Next, "T-r-o-u-b-l-e" by Travis Tritt starts to play. Nick Jackson and Joey Bourne come out from the back with absolutely no reaction.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= Their opponents ... with a combined weight of 398 pounds ... coming to the ring from Richmond, Virginia ... Nick Jackson! And his tag-team partner from Charlottesville, Virginia ... Joey Lumberjack Bourne!

[The fans give no response. They climb into the ring and the referee calls for the bell.]

Tag-Team Match
Jaymin & Myzery vs. Nick Jackson & Joey "Lumberjack" Bourne

[Jaymin starts off against Joey Bourne and the two men start rapidly throwing blows at each other. Both are punching as hard as they can, and the other won't go down. Bourne whips Jaymin into the ropes, and as Jaymin comes back they bump shoulders, and neither goes down. Jaymin tries the same thing to Bourne but when Bourne gets to the ropes, Myzery kicks him in the back of the head, making him stumble back in, and he gets nailed by a DDT from Jaymin. Jaymin goes for the early cover and gets a weak one count. Jaymin whips Bourne into the ropes again, and then nails him with the Shining Wizard. He goes for the cover without realizing that when Bourne hit the ropes he had tagged out, and Nick Jackson is now the legal man. The ref tries to tell Jaymin this, but it is too late and Jackson comes off the top rope and nails Jaymin in the back of the head with a huge top rope elbow drop. Jaymin is out cold. Myzery steps into the ring and yells at the ref saying there was no tag. While this is happening Jackson covers Jaymin, but there is no one to count. Out of the back comes Schulz, who arrives to the ring after Jaymin would've been covered for a good six to seven seconds. Schulz picks up Jackson, and nails him with the Schulz Slam. Schulz dives under the bottom rope pulling Jaymin with him. The ref turns around and sees two team mates passed out in the ring, with no one from the other team. Myzery, who has never been the legal man, dives in and covers Jackson. The ref in his confusion allows it, and Myzery gets the easy 1…2…3, thanks again to his buddy Schulz. The bell rings.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= The winners of this match ... Ruthless Youth!

=PHIL GRAU= I can't believe this! This is crap. I wish someone would beat those assholes. As a team; they are undefeated.

=BRAD TUGGLE= I can't believe it. Maybe those guys are going to be the first ever Tag-Team Champions.

=PHIL GRAU= If nobody serious takes them on; that's how it's going to be.

[The scene then cuts to the backstage. Johnny Hardcore is tucking in his referee shirt. He brushes it off. Kristin is backstage and holds up a microphone.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= Johnny, you are due up next ... you will be refing the match between DDR and Matsui. What are your thoughts?

=JOHNNY HARDCORE= I hate this shit. I already talked to you about it. It pisses me off! If I wanted to be a ref, I would have gone to ref school. I'm a wrestler, damnit! It is the week before the show. I want some action, damnit! I don't want to sit here and be a stupid punk. I'm not even getting paid that much to do this. The Captain is lucky I even showed up. If he wants me to show up; he better do better than this!

[He grabs his baseball bat off the locker and walks off towards the arena.]

=PHIL GRAU= Wow, he doesn't seem happy tonight. Hopefully nobody will piss him off.

=BRAD TUGGLE= You'd have to be crazy to mess with him while he's reffing that match!

[The shot turns to the arena. "Final Goodbye" by Comeback Kid starts to play over the arena. Johnny Hardcore comes out from the back and the fans give a mixed reaction. He gets more boos than cheers; but he gets a few scattered cheers in there as well. He gets into the ring and awaits the wrestlers. Some random Japanese music starts to play and Kazuhiko Matsui comes out from the back. The fans give a loud cheer.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! Coming to the ring first, from Osaka, Japan, Kazuhiko MATSUI!

[The fans cheer. He gets into the ring and bows to Johnny Hardcore, the ref. Johnny just stares at him and says nothing and does not return the bow. Matsui ignores the rude gesture and returns to his corner. "Dig" by Mudvayne starts to play over the stereo system. The fans let out a loud boo as "Dynamic" Dave Remington comes to the ring accompanied by his girlfriend, Julia. They are holding hands.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= And his opponent ... accompanied by JULIA ... from St. Louis, Missouri ... "Dynamic" Dave Remington!!

[The fans boo as he climbs into the ring. Johnny doesn't check him for anything. He just leans against the corner and rests his baseball bat on his shoulder. He signals for the match to start.]

Singles Match
Kazuhiko Matsui vs. "Dynamic" Dave Remington

Special Guest Referee: Johnny Hardcore

[Matsui runs quickly at DDR with a clothesline, but DDR ducks it and hits the opposite rope. He comes off and nails Matsui with a roundhouse kick. Matsui gets up quickly but as he's getting up DDR drop kicks him, and Matsui rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope. Johnny Hardcore starts to count Matsui out. DDR slides out of the ring to join his opponent but as he is sliding out Matsui grabs him and throws him chest first into the guardrail. Matsui gets up onto the apron. He sets up and jumps off the apron and over the guardrail into the audience, catching DDR with a leg drop, crushing DDR's chest against the railing! Both men are pretty damaged, and it takes them a little time to get back into the ring. Both men could've easily been counted out, but Johnny Hardcore is enthralled by the hardcore wrestling that he forgot to count. The two of them get back into the ring, and get to their feet. They go to lock up, but DDR kicks Matsui in the gut. He grabs Matsui's head and runs to the corner. He climbs up and nails Matsui with a Swinging DDT. DDR covers Matsui, and Johnny Hardcore starts to count. 1…2… as he is counting we see The Boy With No Name Running down the aisle. 3! Johnny Hardcore holds up DDR's hand and as he is The Boy slides into the ring and comes up behind Hardcore. He jumps onto Hardcore's back and pulls him down with The Asphyxiator. It is a notorious submission, and Hardcore is out fast and hard. The Boy dives out of the ring quickly, and heads to the back, as the announcer declares DDR the winner.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= The winner of this match ... DDR!!

=BRAD TUGGLE= Holy crap! The Boy With No Name just jumped Johnny Hardcore!!!

=PHIL GRAU= Wow, I never took him as the type.

=BRAD TUGGLE= And the Boy better watch out; because Johnny's a sucker for revenge.

=PHIL GRAU= And speaking of which; his match is next.

[Julia gets into the ring and holds up DDR's arm. Out of nowhere a crazy woman runs out of the crowd and attacks Julia. She starts pulling her hair and rolling around in the ring with her. The fans are cheering very loudly. DDR tries to pull the woman off of her. Julia finally gets free as the crazy woman jumps out of the ring. The woman has a big smile on her face. Julia takes a microphone and yalls.]

=JULIA= You bitch! You stupid fucking bitch! HOW DARE YOU!?

[The other woman takes a mic and responds.]

=WOMAN= The name's Lisa Mason ... you want some of this, huh? You want some of me!? How about we make the first ever ladies match at Best of the Best? Me and you!

=JULIA= You got it, bitch! I'm going to kill you!

[She tries to break through the ropes but DDR holds onto her. Lisa Mason just smiles as she heads to the back.]

=PHIL GRAU= Wow, we have our first non-tournament match for Best of the Best! We have a woman's match between Lisa Mason and Julia!

=BRAD TUGGLE= That should be interesting.

[The ring is then cleared. They go to a brief intermission while two terrible wrestlers come out for a "dark match." Nobody seems to like them and it seems unlikely they'll get signed. The ring is cleared and most of the people have come back and are settled for tonight's main event match up. Kristin comes to the center of the ring and is handed a microphone by Justin. She speaks.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= The following contest is scheduled for one fall! The following team coming to the ring ... with a combined weight of ... 685 pounds ... the team of Schulz ... Christian Barth ... and VAL SOUL!!

[The fans boo as "Beautiful Lie" by 30 Seconds to Mars plays over the stereo system. The three men walk out to the ring. All of them look unhapy to be with the other one. They climb into the ring and Shaun checks them all for foreign weapons. To the best of our knowledge, he finds nothing. The fans continue to boo. Moments later, their music stops and Kristin announces the next team.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= Their opponents ... at a combined weight of ... 519 pounds ... the team of Joe the Indian ... the Boy With No Name ... and the Ultimate Samurai!

[The fans cheer as the Boy With No Name and the Ultimate Samurai come out. They aren't arguing quite as much as the other team is; but they aren't exactly holding hands either. They look unhappy by the absensce of Joe the Indian. They climb into the ring and the ref checks them out. Nothing, to the best of our knowledge.]

=PHIL GRAU= Where the hell is Joe? There is no way they can win this match without him.

=BRAD TUGGLE= I don't know, I heard he missed his flight from Arizona.

=PHIL GRAU= Damnit!

6-Man Tag-Team Match
Joe the Indian, The Boy With No Name & The Ultimate Samurai
Schulz, Val Soul & Christian Barth

Referee: Shaun Mombrea

[The match starts out with The Ultimate Samurai going against Val Soul. They tie up and Samurai gets a headlock on Val Soul. Val Soul starts to resist the headlock and pushes him towards his teams side, and as he gets to the ropes, Schulz punches Samurai right in the face. Samurai lets go to attack Schulz, but Schulz and Barth both grab him and hold him in the corner. As he is pinned in the corner Soul takes a few shots in on Samurai, and then he asks him teammates to let him go and make it a little more fair. Soul takes advantage of a damaged Samurai, and hits him with with several punches. He holds onto Samurai and tags out to Barth. Barth comes in and takes some easy shots on Samurai. He whips Samurai into the ropes and goes to back drop him, but Samurai reverses it and goes up and nailed a flying headscissors. Both men are down. They take some time to get up, and Samurai reaches to make a tag, and as he does Barth grabs at him, but can't get him and The Boy With No Name is tagged in. Barth is off balanced, and The Boy jumps over the top rop and leg drops Barth's head into the mat. The Boy has had enough and wants to tag back out to Samurai, but the Samurai is too beat. The Boy starts pouting and Barth takes advantage of this, and grabs him and pickes him like he is nothing right over the top rope, to the outside close to his side. The Boy goes carinning into the first row of steps. Barth tags Schulz in, but both men go to the outside together.]

=PHIL GRAU= This isn't looking good for the Boy and Samurai. They need to get something going.

=BRAD TUGGLE= Without Joe here; they may have a really hard time doing that.

[They together pick up The Boy and drop him onto a chair! During this Val Soul has climbed to the top rope. The two men on the outside pickup The Boy and stretch him out. Val Jumps and nails the stretched out Boy with the Atlanta Hangover to the outside! All four men go down from the impact. The fans let out a loud cheer from Val's move.]

=PHIL GRAU= Wow! What a move by Val Soul! That got the fans attention!

[The three teammates that are whooping ass all get up, and start stomping on The Boy. They don't see Samurai, but he runs across the ring flips out at them. It looks like its going to make a huge impact, but since it hits three men, they are able to catch him like a stage diver. They hand him off the the middle man Barth, who power bombs him, hitting his head against the apron. It looks like there is no hope for the handicapped team, when Joe the Indian comes running down the aisle! The fans see him and let out a loud roar of approval.]

=PHIL GRAU= It's Joe! Joe the Indian is here!!!

=BRAD TUGGLE= That makes me happy!!

[Schulz sees him and runs to meet him. They meet and Joe nails him in the stomach with a punch, and then axle handles him in the back, sending him down for the time being. Barth gets back into the ring as he was the legal man, and leaves Val to take care of Joe. Val and Joe have an intense stare down. They give each other a nod of respect and then the two start throwing furious blows.]

=PHIL GRAU= Joe and Val are throwing punches at each other left and right! Right after a quick bow of respect.

=BRAD TUGGLE= These guys are on different teams tonight but it has already been expressed that these two men have respect for each other.

[Joe gets the upper hand on Val and tosses him into the crowd of seats. He jumps back into the ring and grabs Barth and slams his face on his knee. He then hits Barth with an inverted automic drop. Barth grabs his balls in pain. Joe then takes him down with a clothesline. Val and Schulz are standing together on the outside. Joe runs to the opposite side of the ring; runs across and then performs a suicide dive over the top rope which knocks both Schulz and Val down. The fans let out a loud cheer.]

=PHIL GRAU= Joe is cleaning house!!!

=BRAD TUGGLE= Yay! This makes me very happy!

[Joe slowly gets up after getting a huge pop from the crowd. He starts fighting with Val. Schulz gets up and helps Val double team him. Joe hits Val with a big DDT. Schulz comes up behind Joe and starts pounding on him. He grabs him and hits him with a German Suplex on the outside. Schulz picks up Joe and it looks like he is getting the upperhand, when The Boy gets up and nails Schulz in the balls. The boy rolls into the ring to square off with Barth again, and all of the rest of them men slowly make it to their corners, reforming some sort of order. Barth goes for a pick punch but it is ducked by the boy who trips Barth. Barth keeps trying to get up and keeps getting kept down with punches and kicks. Eventually Barth grabs the Boy by the foot and flings him back into the corner, giving him time to Tag in Val. Val enters and the Boy sees him. He yells out that he refuses to fight Val, and tags in Joe. Joe shakes his head. He comes in and shakes hands with Val. The two then lock up and the fans cheer. Val swings behind Joe and hits him with a reverse bulldog. He goes for the cover. One ... two ... thr .. the Samurai breaks it up.]

=BRAD TUGGLE= I think that was the first pinfall attempt of the match!

=PHIL GRAU= True; but all of these guys are half dead by now.

[Val sends Joe into the ropes. Joe jumps over Val's back. He shoves Val into the ropes and they roll back into the center of the ring and Joe goes for a pin. One .. two .. thr ... Val kicks him off. Joe goes into the ropes and comes back with a clothesline. He then tags in the Samurai. Samurai comes in and hits a spinning hook kick to the head of Val. He goes for a cover. One ... two ... thre ... broken up by Schulz who rakes Samurai across the eyes. He then leaves the ring as Shaun warns him that he will DQ his team. Samurai gets up and rubs his eyes. He then flies into the far ropes and wraps up Val with a school boy. One ... two ... thr .. kick out. Val gets up and ducks a punch by the Samurai and then takes him down with a snap suplex. Val then rolls over to his corner and tags in Schulz. He runs in and grabs the Samurai before he can get out. He hits him with a powerslam. He taunts Joe who threatens to come in. He chokes Samurai for a couple of moments and then tags in Chris Barth. Barth comes in and throws the Samurai down to the mat with a hard slam. Barth beats up on the Samurai for a few moments. After a while; Schulz and Soul both reach out for tags. Barth refuses to tag either of them in and they are getting mad. Barth motions for a big Powerbomb. He picks up Samurai; but Samurai reverses it and takes Barth down with a huge DDT. Both are laid out.]

=BRAD TUGGLE= Barth made a huge mistake by not tagging in his team! The Samurai might be able to make a hot tag!

[Just a few moments later; Samurai leaps and tags in the Boy With No Name and the crowd goes nuts. He comes in and starts pounding on Barth. He sends Barth into the ropes and hits a huge drop kick on him. He sends him into the ropes; Barth stops and picks up the Boy but the Boy turns it into a head scissors and Barth rolls out of the ring. Schulz runs in and attacks the Boy. Joe runs in right after and cuts off Schulz. Val runs in and so does the the Ultimate Samurai. All Hell starts to break loose.]

=BRAD TUGGLE= All Hell is starting to break loose!

[All of the men dump to the outside; Val leaps over the top rope and takes out most of the crowd. Barth and Samurai are fighting in the ring. Barth throws the Samurai out of the ring and to the outside. Out of nowhere; the Boy With No Name runs up behind him and hits Barth with Instant Therapy! (A Bulldog / Diamon Cutter). The fans go nuts. The Boy hooks Barth's legs. One ... two ... Schulz slides into the ring and dives for the break up but he's not fast enough! Three! The fans roar.]

=PHIL GRAU= Wow, what a match up!

=BRAD TUGGLE= He won, he won!!

[Just as Shaun goes to raise the Boy's hand; Johnny Hardcore slides into the ring. He clotheslines the Boy. He starts pounding on him. All seven wrestlers get into the ring and a huge free-for-all breaks loose. The fans are cheering loudly. Out of nowhere, "Ace of Spades" starts to play over the stereo system. The fans break out into an enormous applause.]

=PHIL GRAU= Oh my God! It's Trevor Bale! What the HELL is he doing here!?

[Trevor Bale makes his way out from the back with a huge applause from the crowd. Sarah comes out with him and is holding his hand. Schulz is in the ring and yells.]

=SCHULZ= Cut the music! Cut that fucking music!!

["Ace of Spades" comes to a halt.]

=SCHULZ= You are done, Bale! You are finished!! You are not going to make us all sick!

[Bale smiles.]

=TREVOR BALE= Captain Kessler ... get your tubby ass out here!

[The Captain comes out.]

=CAPTAIN KESSLER= What is this about, Bale?

[Trevor Bale hands some papers over to the Captain.]

=TREVOR BALE= Those papers were wrong. It appears Richmond is blessed with TWO "Trevor Bales" and the OTHER one has an STD. Kennedy got our results backwards. I'm as clean as Schulz win column!

[Captain Kessler looks at the documents for a few moments. He then speaks into the microphone.]

=CAPTAIN KESSLER= ... Welcome back, Trevor!!

[The fans cheer loudly and the wrestlers all look shocked. Bale gives Sarah a kiss and then rushes the ring. He slides in and the entire ring starts going nuts as all eight wrestlers in the Best of the Best tournament are beating the hell out of each other. Meanwhile, Kristin announces Joe, The Boy and Samurai as the winning team. The fans are going nuts as all of the men are fighting all over the place. Bale and Schulz are fighting; the Boy and Hardcore are fighting, Val and Samurai are fighting and Joe and Barth are fighting. The show ends with a big roar from the crowd in approval.]

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