ECW Presents ... Fusion!!!

Fairfax, Virginia

MC Donaldson High School
October 23rd, 2006

[ECW’s Monday Night Fusion opens up showing the 600ish people that came out to see the last Fusion before Night of the Living Dead. "Higher Ground" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers begins to play over the schools sound system as Captain Kessler walks out from the back. Kessler is kind enough to shake a few people’s hands as he walks up to the ring. Kristin St. Mars hands Kessler a mic as he makes his way up the steel steps to the apron. Kessler slips into the ring and straightens his jacket a little.]


[The crowd gives off a nice pop as Kessler grins. Kessler holds up his hand to calm the masses down so that he can say what he needs to say.]

=CAPTAIN KESSLER= We have a lot of questions to answer tonight. After all, next we will be holding an event like no other. Night of the Living Dead! At this point in time, I can only tell you two of the matches that have already been signed. For the TV title, the champion that is Trevor Bale will go against the man who earned his shot at Capital Punishment. Jon Schulz!

[Half the crowd begins to chant Bale is Funky as the other half begins to yell Schulz loves Teddy. Kessler grins to himself but holds up his hand to calm the crowd again.]

=CAPTAIN KESSLER= And the main event of the night. Boy with No Name, the Heavyweight Champion of ECW will go one on one against the first person to hold that title. The Myth, Val Soul!

[The crowd pops. Boy seems to be getting most of the cheers but it seems that The Myth is also getting his fair share as well. Kessler seems to be trying to judge just how many people are cheering for The Myth as he looks over the crowd.]

=CAPTAIN KESSLER= Last week, a man showed up at the end. I am sure many of you wish to know just who that man is. So, let me introduce to you… the man who is going to help get ECW on Television… Cunner Brian!

[“Likini’s Juice” by Live begins to play over the sound system as the same man who was last seen standing at the top of the entrance at the end of Fusion last week. The crowd is a mix of cheers and boos as they are not sure how to react to this new guy. The man is wearing a similar suit as he did last week. The man walks up the steps and enters the ring. He shakes hands with Captain Kessler and holds out his hand asking for the mic. Kessler hands over the mic and motions that the floor is his as the music stops playing.]

[The crowd begins to boo as Cunner stops talking. Cunner hands the mic to Kessler who tries to lighten the mood.]

=CAPTAIN KESSLER= Well, let us get this show underway!

[The crowd cheers as Captain Kessler exits the ring and makes his way to the back]

=PHIL GRAU= Wow! ECW on TV! This is huge news!

=BRAD TUGGLE= Yes, now the TV title kind of has a real meaning. HA!

=PHIL GRAU= Yes, I guess you do kind of have a point on that one. Tonight, we have a spectacular line up. We have a debut match, a triple threat, a tag match, and a fatal for way. What else could a wrestling fan ask for?


=PHIL GRAU= How about T&J?

=BRAD TUGGLE= What is T&J?

=PHIL GRAU= Teddy and Jerad.

=BRAD TUGGLE= You are a sick, sick man. How about we get this show going?

=PHIL GRAU=: Up first is the debut match for “Superstar” Jack Graham. I am really wanted to see what this guy is made of.

=BRAD TUGGLE= Blood, skin, few bones. Didn’t you take biology in high school?

=PHIL GRAU= Why do I bother?

Singles Match
Ultimate Samurai vs. "Superstar" Jack Graham

Referee: Justin Ragland

["I Write Sins Not Tragedies" by Panic! At the Disco begins to play over the sound system as Ultimate Samurai and Arthur make their way from the backstage area to the ring. Arthur seems to be excited as he is running up and down the railing giving everyone high fives. Sora on the other hand is focused on the ring as he makes his way down the entranceway. The fans are booing him and making Bruce Lee “WHAAAA” sounds as he passes them. Sora enters the ring and allows Justin Ragland to check him for concealed weapons.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= This match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing First, accompanied by Arthur… from White Plains, New York ... The Ultimate Samurai!!!

[“Ride Of The Valkyries” by Richard Wagner plays over the sound system as “Superstar” Jack Graham makes his way out from the back. The fans are unsure of who he is so they seem to be fairly quite. You can here a few “We want Billy chants”. Jake Graham enters the ring and raises his arms trying to get the crowd pumped up for his first match but the crowd seems to be content to just watch this one.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= And his opponent. From Paradise Valley, Arizona? “Superstar” Jake Graham!!!

[Justin calls for the bell and the match gets underway. Jack and Sora lock up in the middle of the ring. Jack is able to power Sora into the corner where Justin asks for a break. Jack lets go and lifts his hands in the air showing the clean break. Jack then throws an elbow in the neck of Sora whose head gets rocked back. Jack then gives Sora a knee to the gut that has him doubling over. Jack then lifts Sora’s chin up and gives him a hart chop across the chest. The crowd “WOOO’s” as Jack showboats to the crowd.]

=PHIL GRAU= Pretty impressive so far. Guy seems to know his wrestling.

=BRAD TUGGLE= Yes, but he is showboating early. That is never a good thing.

[Just as Brad says that Sora springs out of his corner and tackles Jack down. Sora then begins to lay lefts and rights into the face of Jack. Jack is blocking the best he can but some of the punches get through. Just in there telling Sora he needs to open his fist. Sora ignores Justin and continues to just lay in the punches. Justin begins to count. 1…2…3….4… Sora finally rolls of the top of Jack and gets into the face of Justin. Justin stands his ground as Sora seems to be arguing at something. Justin pushes Sora away and begins to point at his stripped shirt. Sora looks like he is about to attack when Jack rolls up Sora from behind. Justin quickly makes the count. 1…2….Kick out.]

=BRAD TUGGLE= Wow, that kind of looked like a quick count.

=PHIL GRAU= A little. I am not going to say Justin just tried to screw Sora out of a much needed win… but Sora should get his mind off the ref and on this new guy.


=PHIL GRAU= Have you been hanging around Kimo or something?

=BRAD TUGGLE= Yo dog… dunt be hatin!

=PHIL GRAU= You are hopeless.

[Jack and Sora are both back to their feet and are circling each other. Jack lifts his hand and wiggles his fingers trying to get Sora to do a test of strength. Sora shrugs and cautiously comes in to lock up with Jack. Jack has a huge grin on his face as Sora seems to be a bit nervous. Sora and Jack’s hands finally lock up and Jack lifts his other hand trying to get Sora to lock in with both. Sora looks up at the hand then smiles. Out of nowhere Sora flips Jack over his shoulder while keeping his hand locked in with Jacks. Sora then gets Jack in an armbar that is really locked in. Jack begins to flop around like a freshly caught fish. Justin is asking Jack if he wants to give up but Jack is screaming no. Sora has Jack caught in the center of the ring with no where to go. Jack is trying everything this can to get to a rope but it looks like a hopeless act. Jack begins to slow down as he almost looks to be giving up.]

=PHIL GRAU= Sora has Jack in the middle of the ring, no where to go.

=BRAD TUGGLE= If he doesn’t give up… he may end up with a broken arm and be no good to ECW.

[Jack is lying motionless. Justin checks up on him then lifts Jack’s arm and lets it go. The arm hits the ground as Justin yells “One”. Justin does the same motion and once again the arm hits the canvas. Justin yells “Two”. Sora has a huge grin on his face. Justin lifts up the arm and lets it go. The arm hits the canvas for a third time and Justin yells “Three” and looks around the arena. Justin grabs the arm again and lifts it up.]

=BRAD TUGGLE= Um… Phil. You know more about “Wrestling” then I do…. But isn’t 3 as far as this should go?

=PHIL GRAU= Yes… but I have never seen it happen. I am sure Justin has never seen it. He has no clue. He is not calling for the bell because he doesn’t know!

=BRAD TUGGLE= Maybe you should tell him. I mean… Sora could really be hurting Jack’s arm right now.

[Inside the ring Sora is yelling at Justin who is looking dumbfounded. Sora however, doesn’t let go of the arm. Shaun Mombrea comes down from the entrance way and the fans begin to cheer but as they realize it is just another ref and no another wrestler they begin to boo. Shaun calls Justin over who walks over to the ropes and listens to Shaun. Justin then gets the “Oh” look on his face and calls for the bell. Sora lets go of the hold as Justin raises his arm.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= And your winner by Knock Out…. Ultimate Samurai!

=BRAD TUGGLE= A good win for Samurai there. Maybe he will use this to get him self in a good frame of mind for the Battle Royal.

=PHIL GRAU= Yes, everyone on the roster has a shot at the Number One Contendership this Friday on a new show called Fallout.

=BRAD TUGGLE= One hell of a show that will be.

[The camera’s cut to the backstage area where Captain Kessler is sitting at a desk talking with Cunner Brian who is leaning up against a wall. Kessler’s phone rings and Kessler answers the phone holding up a hand to Cunner saying it will only take a moment.]

=CAPTAIN KESSLER= Hello, Eric Kessler speaking…. Yes…. What?... No, I can be there…. I am leaving now!

[Kessler hangs up the phone and stands up from behind the desk looking at Cunner Brian.]

=CAPTAIN KESSLER= I have to go. I will be back as soon as I can, but that may not be till Fallout. I am leaving you in charge of ECW till I get back.

=CUNNER BRIAN= Sounds like fun.

=CAPTAIN KESSLER= The show should run itself. You shouldn’t have to really do anything. But just in case…

=CUNNER BRIAN= I understand. Do not worry; I want ECW on the air just as much as you.

[Eric nods his head and walks out of the room. Cunner Brian smiles as he walks over to the desk and takes a seat behind it. Cunner props his feet up and puts his hands behind his head as he looks up into space.]

Non-Title Tag Match
Matsui & Nick Jackson vs. Hawaiian Hustlers

Referee: Shaun Mombrea

["T-r-o-u-b-l-e" by Travis Tritt plays over the sound system as Kazuhiko Matsui and Nick Jackson make their way to the ring. The fans are at a real mix as many of them seem to want to cheer Matsui while booing Nick.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= The following is a none Title tag team match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Osaka, Japan…. Kazuhiko Matsui!!! And his partner from Richmond, Virginia…. Nick Jackson!!!

[The crowd cheers for Matsui but boos Nick. ‘Ridin Dirty’ by Chamillionaire begins to play over the sound system and the crowd pops for Kimo and Ross who make a high impact entrance. Amanda, Ross and Kimo step out from the back looking very thuggish with do-rags and very baggie jeans. Amanda is walking ahead of them trying to get the crowd pumped up by doing a few sensual dance moves on the way to the ring. Amanda even leans down and gives a boy who cannot be over 13 a kiss on the cheek. The boy turns beat red and looks like he may pass out. Kimo has a bottle of E&J in his hand and is toasting the crowd as he takes a few swigs on his way to the ring.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= And their opponents. ECW’s Tag Team Champions…. From Honolulu Hawaii…. Chris Ross and Kimo Newton… The Hawaiian Hustlers!!!

[Shaun yells for one of each team to get out of the ring. Kimo steps out of the ring leaving Ross to begin to match as Matsui steps out leaving Nick inside. Nick and Ross lock up in the middle. Ross lifts a knee into Nick’s midsection then backs into the ropes bouncing off and sending a boot into the temple of Nick. Nick spins and hits the canvas hard. Ross grins as he reaches out and tags in Kimo. Kimo hopes up to the top rope and jumps up landing a leg drop to the back of Nick’s head. Kimo rolls Nick over and goes for a quick count. 1..2.. Matsui is there for the save kicking Kimo in the back of the head. Shaun gets in Matsui’s face yelling for him to get out of the ring. Meanwhile Kimo drags Nick over to his corner allowing Ross to hold him as Kimo punches him in the midsection. Matsui who is seeing this go on gets irate and tries to help his tag partner. Kimo begins to kick Nick in the midsection. Kimo then turns around allowing Ross to choke out Nike as he pulls a bottle of E&J out of his pocket and takes a sip looking at Matsui the whole time. Matsui gets pissed and once again tries to get past Shaun.]

=PHIL GRAU= Matsui really needs to get out of the ring. Can’t he see that he is killing Nick?

=BRAD TUGGLE= All he can see if Kimo taunting him. Like red to a bull.

=PHIL GRAU= That may be the deepest thing you have ever said on the mic.

[Shaun is finally able to get Matsui out of the ring but a whole lot of damage has already been done to Nick. Kimo tags in Ross who lifts Nick up like a child and just drapes him over the top rope. Nick bounces off and hits the mat holding his throat. Ross shakes his head as he buts his boot on Nick’s chest holding him down. Shaun makes the count. 1…2.. kick out. Nick rolls over to a neutral corner and holds out his hand. He sees that no one is there and looks around to spot Matsui close by. He lunges but Ross catches him and drops him with a sidewalk slam. Ross grins up at Matsui as he lifts Nick up and Irish whips him into the ropes. Matsui does a blind tag. Ross gives a hard lariat to the head of Nick and goes for a pin but Shaun must have seen the tag as he is looking at Matsui who is on the top rope. Matsui jumps off landing on Ross who is on Nick. Matsui bounces to his feet and runs over to Kimo sending a forearm to his face. Matsui then goes back to try and finish off Ross but Ross picks Matsui up in a choke slam type move. Matsui is able to wiggle out and catch Ross’s head as he falls giving him a hard DDT right in the middle of the ring. Matsui goes for a pin. 1…2… Matsui is pulled off Ross as Kimo is dragging him out of the ring. Kimo kicks Matsui in the ribs a few times then lifts him to his feet only to ram his back into the ring apron.]

=PHIL GRAU= This is turning out to be a good tag match!

=BRAD TUGGLE= I guess.

=PHIL GRAU= What is not to love? Blind tags, saves, and hard hits from both sides?

=BRAD TUGGLE= All I got was E&J and not must T&A. Amanda is hot though.

[Kimo throws Matsui back into the ring where Ross is waiting. Ross grabs Matsui back the neck and lifts him into the air. Ross then drops Matsui down to the mat in an almost tigerbomb type move. Shaun begins to count. 1…2… Nick makes the save by kicking Ross in the temple. Kimo slides in under the rope and tosses Nick out of the ring almost landing on Amanda. Amanda is able to dodge the flying man with ease. Kimo checks on Ross who is shaking the cobwebs from his head. Kimo helps Ross to his feet as they look at Matsui who is still lying on the mat. Kimo points to the top rope and Ross nods. They make their way up to the top rope and call for the Tidal Wave. Ross does a leg drop as Kimo does a frog splash! Shaun counts. 1…2….3! Shaun raises the arms of Kimo and Ross as “Ridin Dirty’ by Chamillionaire plays over the speakers.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= And your winners are Kimo and Ross… the Hawa….

[Kimo grabs the mic out of Kristin St. Mars’s hand and rolls back into the ring. Amanda makes her way up the steps to stand in the ring with Ross and Kimo.]

=KIMO NEWTON= Cut the damn music! Aight yo It's been acouple weeks since We first joined and got tha titles but I have yet ta even show them off!

=CHRIS ROSS= Yea we are sick of this crap! We want them back!

=KIMO NEWTON= Yea dogs we ain't leavin this damn ring until we get our bling back!

[Amanda raises the arms of her team as they stand there just begging for Johnny Hardcore and Fury to come down to ringside. After a moment Cunner Brian steps out from the back with a mic in hand. He walks about halfway down to the ring looking at Kimo and Ross.]

=CUNNER BRIAN= Sorry to be ignorant. But I am still new here. If I understood you correctly… you are the Tag Champions… but do not have your titles. That about sum it up?

=CHRIS ROSS= Yea dog! And we wants em back yo.

=CUNNER BRIAN= I see… and who has your titles?

=KIMO NEWTON= Yo man it’s like dis. Johnny Hardcore stole our bling.

=CUNNER BRIAN= That is an easy fix. Johnny will return the belts he stole to their rightful owners… or be brought up on charges of theft. Easy fix. If you are happy with that then please… leave the ring so that show can go on.

[Kimo, Ross, and Amanda do a little huddle. After a few moments Kimo and Ross are nodding as Amanda leads them out of the ring. Cunner waits from them to get to the back before he lifts the mic up to speak.]

=CUNNER BRIAN= Hello everyone. It is sad to say that the card for tonight will be changed. First off, Myzery has not arrived yet and looking at the hour… I am going to assume he is not going to show. Thus, Edgecution and The American Enforcer will go one on one here later. Now, since this match is boring without that third party… I am going to spice the match up. We are going to make this a first blood match. First person to bleed loses. It’s that simple.

[The crowd begins to cheer as Cunner holds out his arms as if asking if that is what the people what to see.]

=CUNNER BRIAN= It has also been brought to my attention that both Johnny Hardcore and Trevor Bale have not shown up tonight. Thus, the fatal 4 way is off. India Delta Kilo and The Myth are the only ones who showed up. However, this is a rematch from Capital Punishment and we cannot just have a rehash match. Since Johnny did not show up, his partner in crime Sean Fury will take part in that match. It will also be no DQ. That is right, everything will be legal.

[The crowd pops as Cunner Brian exits the ring and makes his way to the back with a huge grin on his face. Once Cunner is out of sight "Courtesy of the Red White and Blue" by Toby Keith plays over the sound system.]

Singles Match
Edgecution vs. American Enforcer

Referee: Justin Ragland

[The American Enforcer walks down to the ring as a few people chant “USA”. Enforcer loosens up on the rope as he waits for his opponent.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= This match is a First Blood match! Introducing first, from White Plains, New York…. The American Enforcer!

["Metalingus" by Alter Bridge plays over the sound system and the fans begin to cheer. As soon as they figure out is it Edgecution and not Edge they calm down and begin to chant “Wanabe”. Edgecution runs and slides in under the bottom rope and poses a moment for anyone that wants to take a picture.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= And his opponent. From Toronto, Ontario, Canada… EDGECUTION!!!

[Justin calls for the bell and both wrestlers change one another. Enforcer gets the first blow in as he clotheslines Edgecution down to the ground. Edgecution bounces right back to his feet and is taken down with another clothesline from the Enforcer. Edgecution rolls out of the ring to catch is breath as Enforcer is motioning for him to get back in. Edgecution lifts up the ring apron and ducks under it to crawl under the ring. Enforcer goes over to looks down but doesn’t see Edgecution. Enforcer begins to search for Edgecution as if he did not see him go under the ring.]

=PHIL GRAU= The ole “Hide under the ring” trick. Nice one.

=BRAD TUGGLE= Can we call him the little bastard when he pops out?

=PHIL GRAU= If I say no… are you going to listen to me?


=PHIL GRAU= At least you are honest.

[Enforcer seems to think that Edgecution ran away to the backstage area as he drops out of the ring and begins to head to the back. Edgecution comes out from his hiding place and attacks Enforcer from behind with what looks to be an extra bell from under the ring. Enforcer falls to his knees grabbing the back of his head as Edgecution raises his arms in victory. Justin goes over to check to see if the attack brought blood. Edgecution is already in the ring celebrating his win as Justin waves his hands saying there is no blood. Enforcer grabs the bell that is lying beside him and stalks his way to the ring. Edgecution sees him and tries to do a diving plancha over the top rope onto Enforcer. However, Enforcer is able to hit Edgecution in the ribs with the bell as he side steps the attack. Edgecution grabs his side in pain as he lifts up the apron and rolls back under the ring. Enforcer goes to give chase but is meet with a boot in the face knocking him back. This kick only pisses off Enforcer who goes back to the apron and crawls under it.]

=BRAD TUGGLE= What do you think they are doing under the ring right now?

=PHIL GRAU= Well, I would assume they are attacking on another.

=BRAD TUGGLE= So, you do not think they are secret lovers or something?

=PHIL GRAU= I doubt it. But hey, why not go ask them.

[Brad stands up as is if he is going to go do just that as Edgecution makes his way out from under the ring. He gets into the ring and lays down to catch is breath. Justin seems to be checking him for blood as he stands over him. Justin decides that Edgecution is not busted open and goes to the ring apron and lifts it up looking for Enforcer. As he does this Edgecution gets to his feet and unties the cover from one of the turn buckles and throws the evidence to the crowd. Enforcer crawls out from under the ring. Justin checks him for blood but finds none. Enforcer pulls himself to his feet by the bottom rope then rolls into the ring. Edgecution is all over him with punches to the head as well as knees to the ribs. Enforcer is able to grab Edgecution by the tights and throw him out of the ring. Edgecution flies through the middle and top rope to the outside. Enforcer gets to his feet as Edgecution does the same. Edgecution grabs the feet of Enforcer and pulls then out from under him sending him crashing to the ground. Edgecution slides into the ring and drops and elbow to the back of Enforcer. Enforcer arches his back in pain.]

=PHIL GRAU= Edgecution has Enforcer right where he want him now. All he has to do now is find a way to make him bleed.

=BRAD TUGGLE= Sing Opera. It always makes my ears bleed.

=PHIL GRAU= That is a figure of speech Brad.

=BRAD TUGGLE= No really. My ears really bleed when I listen to Opera.

=PHIL GRAU= Then you should see a doctor about that.

[Back in the ring Edgecution has Enforcer in his feet and is picking his shots. First a left jab, then a right hook, then Edgecution grabs Enforcers hand and sends him into the exposed turnbuckle. Enforcer falls to his knees as in pain. Edgecution backs himself into the other corner and seems to be calling for a spear as he gets into a crouch like position. Enforcer is slow to get to his feet but once he does Edgecution springs out running full speed at Enforcer. Enforcer is able to dodge the attack sending Edgecution into the poll shoulder first. Edgecution slumps to his knees holding his shoulder as Enforcer lifts him to his feet. Edgecution tries to give Enforcer a clothesline but Enforcer is ducks under it and catches Edgecution in a neck breaker. Edgecution grabs his neck and looks to be in a lot of pain as Enforcer gets to the second rope and jumps off landing an elbow to the chest of Edgecution. Enforcer then gets to his feet and plays to the crowd. Edgecution is trying to get to his feet so Enforcer helps him up. Enforcer jabs Edgecution a few times then goes for a clothes line. Edgecution drops down performing a drop toe hold sending Enforcer head first into the exposed turnbuckle. Blood immediately being to pour down his face making a bright red mask. EMTs rush out from the back to take care of Enforcer as Edgecution rolls out of the ring holding his neck in one had as Justin raises the other.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= And the winner of this First Blood match…. EDGECUTION!!!

[The EMTs make short work of Enforcer as they help him to the back so they can treat his wounds.]

Triple Threat no DQ
IDK vs. Sean Fury vs. Myth

Referee: Shaun Mombrea

[Once the ring is cleared "Martyr" by Black Theory begins to play over the sound system. India Delta Kilo comes out looking kind of out of it. It almost looks like he doesn’t even want to be there. The fans are cheering for him none the less as IDK walks straight to the ring and enters without playing to the crowd at all.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= This match is our Triple Threat main event! Introducing first, from Parts Classified… INDIA DELTA KILO!!!

[The fans pop once again. Then "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns 'n' Roses begins to play as Sean Fury walks out from the back. The fans begin to chant “Emit” as he walks down to the ring looking none too pleased. Seems Fury is not happy that he has to wrestle IDK and Myth because Johnny no showed. Fury gets into the ring and begins to stare down IDK. IDK however just looks off into space not even paying attention to Fury.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= And his first opponent from Christiansburg, VA…. SEAN FURY!!!

[The fans boo for Fury as "Beautiful Lie" by 30 Seconds to Mars begins to play. Half the fans are cheering for Myth as he steps out from the back. The other half seem to be booing him. Myth slaps a few hands of the people who are cheering for him as he makes his way to the ring.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= And last… from Atlanta, GA…. The Myth, VAL SOUL!!!

[Once Myth is in the ring Shaun calls for the ball and the match is underway. The first thing that happens is that Fury attacks IDK who is still not paying attention. Fury knocks IDK right over the top rope and to the outside. IDK rolls to the guard rail as he almost seems to be knocked out. Myth gets behind Fury and gives him a shoulder in the lower back. Fury cringes in pain as Myth gets to his feet and drop kicks Fury in the back of the head. Fury falls to his face and bounces off the canvas from the attack. Myth rolls Fury over and tires to end this early. 1…2… IDK is there pulling Myth out of the ring. IDK begins to exchange blows with Myth on the outside. IDK gets the upper hand when he blocks an attack from Myth and puts a knee into Myth’s midsection. IDK then grabs Myth back the back of the head and throws him into the steel steps. Myth’s head bounces off the stairs. IDK doesn’t stop there though. He stalks Myth as he tries to crawl away. IDK kicks Myth in the ribs. Myth is sent rolling back up the entranceway. Myth tries again to get to his feet but IDK is there to kick him down.]

=PHIL GRAU= India did not even look like he wanted to be out here. But now… he looks unstoppable.

=BRAD TUGGLE= I am scared Phil. Protect me.

=PHIL GRAU= That seat better not be wet.

=BRAD TUGGLE= No comment.

[IDK has Myth on the railing giving him right hand after right hand. Myth seems to be busted open. More likely from the head to the steel steps then from IDK’s punches. Fury is back to his feet and is watching IDK beat the hell out of Myth. Fury drops down to the floor and starts to make his way to the action. However, a fan with a black hoodie hopes over the rail and nails Fury with a kick to the gut then slams Fury’s face down on the canvas. Another fan jumps over the rail and pulls out a flask of some kind. The camera gets a good look and you can see that it is E&J. the fan smashes the bottle over the head of Fury as security runs down the ramp. The 2 fans jump the rails and high tail it out of the arena.]

=PHIL GRAU= E&J? What that…

=BRAD TUGGLE= I think so.

=PHIL GRAU= Was it revenge for…


=PHIL GRAU= Oh. Then I guess that is all that needs to be said.

[IDK seems satisfied with the results he has gotten on Myth as he goes back down to the ring. IDK sees that Fury is now laid out on the outside of the ring and looks around to try and gauge what took place. He sees the broken bottle and grins. IDK gets Fury to his feet and rolls him into the ring. Fury is trying to get to his feet but IDK kicks him in the ribs. Fury falls back over but continues to try and get up. IDK decides to get a running start this time and bounces off the ropes. However, Myth is there to trip him up. IDK falls to his face as IDK jumps up to the apron then uses the ropes as a slingshot to catapult himself doing a leg drop on the back of IDK’s head. Myth gets to his feet as IDK rolls over onto his back holding his head. Myth runs and jumps up to the middle rope doing a moonsault into a leg drop. Myth goes for the pin on IDK. 1…2… IDK kicks out and Myth seems to not believe it. IDK crawls over to the ropes to try and pull himself up but Myth is there. Myth grabs IDK’s legs and lifts him into the air as IDK holds the top rope. IDK flies through the air then comes crashing down. Myth stalks his prey as he picks his shots.]

=PHIL GRAU= Looks like Myth is the one who has total control over this match now.

=BRAD TUGGLE= I am not a huge fan of this guy.

=PHIL GRAU= Why not?

=BRAD TUGGLE= Well, he is Val Soul… why do we call him the Myth?

=PHIL GRAU= Well… I… Why do we call Sora the Ultimate Samurai? Or Jim the American Enforcer? That is who they are.

=BRAD TUGGLE= Can someone really be a myth though?

=PHIL GRAU= In a way… I think that is the point.

=BRAD TUGGLE= What point?

=PHIL GRAU= It is above you. Just let it go.

[Inside the ring IDK is now to his feet and locked up with Myth. Fury is also to his feet and knocks them both down with a double clothesline. Fury staggers then drops to his knees resting on the middle rope. Out of nowhere Kimo is in the ring and runs at Fury and gives him a 151 (169) sending Fury rolling to the middle of the ring. This opens a floodgate of people as the entire locker room empties out. Nick and Matsui hit the ring first as they double team Kimo. They both are able to clothesline him out of the ring as Ross runs to his partner’s aid. All four of them begin to exchange blows as the rest of the locker room gets into the ring and begins to have an all out war. Shaun Mombrea calls for the bell saying the match is ruled a no contest as all hell has broken lose.]

=KRISTIN ST. MARS= This match has been ruled a NO CONTEST!

[Enforcer and Jaymin are inside the ring double teaming Edgecution. Edgecution is able to duck a clothesline from Jaymin that sends Jaymin into Enforcer. Jaymin looks surprised he hit Enforcer as Edgecution dropkicked Jaymin in the back sending him over the top rope to the outside of the ring. Edgecution looks to be proud of him self but is turned around by Sora who begins to give him a quick series of chops, punches, and kicks. Edgecution has to bail out of the ring from the onslaught. Up at the entrance Cunner Brian is standing there looking at the mayhem inside the ring with a smile on his face as the show comes to a close.]

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