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Wrestler's Vital Stats
Wrestler's Real Name: Luis Copeland
Wrestler's Ring Name: Edgecution
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 12/09/1981
Height: 6'5
Weight: 210 lbs
Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Wrestler's Profile
Alignment: Heel
Physical Appearance: Long blonde hair, he brings a black leather coat to the ring and under it he has a black shirt that says Sex & Violence on it.

Gimmick/Personality: He is very aggressive and gets mad easily, very little people like him but those that do, are die-hard Edgecution fans.

Theme Music: Alter Bridge by "Metalingus"
Background on Wrestler: Nothing is known about his background. We only know that he's the real Adam "Edge" Copeland's cousin.

Wrestling Style and Move List
Wrestling Style: Freestyle
Basic Move 1: Powerslam
Basic Move 2: Texas Cloverleaf
Basic Move 3: Scissor Kick
Basic Move 4: Camel Clutch
Basic Move 5: Hurricanrana

Trademark Move 1: The Spear
Move Description: He drops the opponent and waits in the corner for him to get up, then he spears them.

Trademark Move 2: On The Edge
Move Description: This almost always happens when he is losing. He dropkicks the opponents right foot and R.K.O s them.

Trademark Move 3: Edgeitacion
Move Description: He goes crazy with the punches to the face and then brings him up for a suplex, spins around and then finishes the suplex.

Finishing Move: Edgecution
Move Description: He kicks the opponent in the stomach and grabs the opponent's head and swings around and DDT s them.

Setup Move: Edgucation
Move Description: He twists his legs around the opponents left leg and drops himself on the opponent. He gets up and down and does it a few times. This may cause a tap out.

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