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Wrestler's Vital Stats
Wrestler's Real Name: Aiden Rogue
Wrestler's Ring Name: Aiden
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 6/9/85
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180lbs
Hometown: London, England

Wrestler's Profile
Alignment: Good
Physical Appearance: Shot blond hair that he keeps spiked up. Light blue eyes. Very toned but not overly built. Looks like he has almost no body fat.

Gimmick/Personality: Aiden is your run of the norm good guy. He tries to be a people pleaser. He doesn't want anyone to think ill of him.

Theme Music: "Trust" by Adema

Background on Wrestler: Normal life until his family moved to London while he was in middle school. He doesn't have the Brittish accent since he still spent the first 12 years of his life. The Brittish kids gave him hell since he was from the states. This lead to him trying to fit in. Aiden's family has moved back to the stats to live in Richmond, Virginia. He goes to colledge full time and wants a part time job. He doesn't really need the money he just wants to do something with his spare time. He saw a flyer for Best of the Best and went to the show. He was so excited about the show he knew that is what he wanted to do.

I am not good on spelling moves since they are all crazy names. I hope you get what I am trying to say.

Wrestling Style and Move List
Wrestling Style: Cruzerweight.
Basic Move 1: Insuguri
Basic Move 2: Suicide dive
Basic Move 3: Drop kick
Basic Move 4: standing moonsault into pin
Basic Move 5: flying forearm

Trademark Move 1: FX (Matt Hardy move)
Move Description: like a reverse bulldog I think

Trademark Move 2: Hardline Neckbreaker
Move Description: a Sitting neckbreaker (like a reverse stunner)

Trademark Move 3: Split leg moonsault
Move Description: RVD type move

Finishing Move: Alter of Ares
Move Description: Grabs like the rock bottom and falls to his knees to do a jaw breaker type move but keeps hold and falls back to do flatliner type move.

Setup Move: Knee smack (HHH style)
Move Description: I think you know this one

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