LLama FAQ's
Llamas are very versatile animals.  Domesticated thousands of years ago, they have traditionally been used as pack animals and wool producers.  Now they are also used for pets, guard animals for sheep and goat herds, and showing.  They are taken into nursing homes and schools and are used in animal therapy programs.  Llamas are trained to pull carts.  They are used as caddies for golfers and shown in llama shows.
What Do You Do With a Llama?
When Can Llamas Be Bred?
Female llamas can conceive before they are one year old.  However, they are not physically mature enough until they are at least 3 years.  It is important to keep female and male llamas separate from a young age to prevent accidental breedings. 
Llamas carry their babies, called crias, for about 350 days.  Crias (pronounced cree-uhs) are usually born during the day and weigh 20-35 pounds.  Llamas almost never produce twins.
Can You Ride a Llama?
Full grown llamas can carry small children - up to around 100 pounds, depending on the size of the llama.  They are not big enough for large children or adults to ride.
How Long is the Llama Gestation?
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How Big Do Llamas Get?
Llamas can be 36-47 inches at the withers and 60-77 inches at the head.  An adult llama may weigh between 250 to 400 pounds
How Long Do Llamas Live?
Llamas will generally live 15-20 years.  Some have lived as long as 30 years
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