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Welcome to the Llamas 'R' Us 4-H Club website.  We are just getting our site built, so please come back frequently to see what is new. 

We are beginning our 4th year as a club and are up to 10
members now.   Our youth come from both Benton and Franklin counties in Washington state. 

We have enjoyed doing many activities together as we learn about our llamas.  We have visited a llama packer, a woolen mill, and even learned to make spindles and spin our llama fiber into yarn.  We also participated in the local Earth Day celebration, made gift boxes for a children's shelter, and attended our local parade and fair.
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We are getting geared up for the 2002 4-H year.  With new members and new animals we have a lot to learn!  See our  schedule.

One of the projects we are working on is an
Advancement Program. In this, the 4-H members work at their own pace to learn more about their project such as how to select a llama, safe handling, and proper nutrition.  You are welcome to use this as a guide for your club.  If you would like a formatted copy, please email me. 
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This page was updated on July 28, 2002
We won an award!!
4-H is turning 100 years old this year.  Visit the official Centennial site to see what is happening.
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