.:+Other Pathways+:.

Now we all know that my site is no where near the best out there. That's the very reason that this page is here.

Please send me a link or a banner for your website if you have one and I'll host yours.

You all know how iritating bad slash can get. Here's a site dedicated to the mistakes in slash and how you can improve your own writings.

If you are a BubbleGum Crisis 2040 fan, then this is one site that you do NOT want to leave off of your favorites list.

Where I spend every second of every day that I am online... The best place... Join it, make 100 posts, and PM Jacks about S.A.S. If you're slashy or perverted, you'll love it! If not, hang out in the general threads for hours! It's adictive I tell you....

Fayette Academy Band - The official website for the Fayette Academy Viking Band. (I'm the webmistriss for it! Check it out! I demand you do so!)

Darrengrl's Darren Hayes Website - by darrengrl11997@msn.com: A site dedicated to Darren Hayes. Contains biographys, lirics, and more.


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