Over the years, things have been said that are worth saving, they may not be worth reading, but they are worth saving. Not making since? Don't worry, I don't understand either.

Hobbits vs. Good Charlotte? - Think of the first thing that you can think of when some one tells you that Good Charlotte's Joel and Benji are going to interview Dominic (Merry - Lord of the Rings) and Billy (Pippin - Lord of the Rings). What do you see? Kaos? Well read this to find out if you were right.

From Russia With Love, Comes Naughty T.A.T.u. - The girls might have crossed the lines, but we still love them. *Contains a controversal picture. If lesbians bother you, then you might not want to read this one. (It's nothing major though!)*

Tolkien Tops Sci-Fi List - Who would have though that Lord of the Rings would ever beat Harry Potter? Guess again. Harry Potter didn't even make the cut of the list that Lord of the Rings was on top of.


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