.:+Lost & Dreaming+:.

When little children dream, they often picture themselves as beautiful princesses or brave knights, and in their mind everything is perfect. While lost in this imaginary place, bedtime becomes obsolete and sharing is no longer necessary, because they can have anything they wish for, and to them, they truly are noble.

As these children grow up, tiaras are cast aside and the Order of Chivalry forgotten. Quests are traded in for pick-up trucks, while the dragons left unslain slowly destroy the bonds of love and friendship, and without a place to escape to, life can seem unbearable.

By remembering those games of make-believe, our burdens are lessend and once again we find ourselves lost and dreaming...

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.:+Works Of The Quill+:.- My writings as of new. Includes a link to .:+WorksOfThePen+:. (my older writings-age 9-16).

.:+Hosted Works+:.- FanFictions and other writings that I can't take credit for.

.:+Desktop Wallpaper+:. - Wallpaper for your computer that is based off of some of the stuff that I've mentioned in other parts of 'Lost & Dreaming.'

.:+Interviews and Such+:. - Exactly what it sounds like. A collection of interview that I find interesting.

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