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Welcome to the Virtual RPG Database. This page includes information on the fantasy role-playing world of Eadra. My orginal system was palladium fantasy rpg, but for many reasons (see the rules section) I'm trying to create a system that's more my own. Plot points, maps, and rccs, however, would be easy to fit into any system. The goal of this page is to display my world in as much detail as possible. Whether you are working to create your own world (for any system or purpose) or if you are looking for new ideas for fantasy settings I hope you enjoy my page.

21 May 2007: New page in the RCC section about IQs.

03 October 2006: With my new battle system full swing I've posted a table of techs.

15 September 2006: Added another page on the new system to the rules section.

31 August 2006: Added a summary of a few different types of magic to the magic section.

31 August 2006: I wrote up a quick summary of my new battle system, its in the rules section.

22 April 2006: Added a history page for Pretta.

21 April 2006: Hey, you might care. Learn more about me.

10 March 2006: A few more history bits added to the world history page located in the maps section.

6 Febuary 2006: Posted a small page on wizardry in the magic section.

6 Febuary 2006: I added a history page to my maps section. In time it will contain links to all the pages on history that will be scattered around the site.

6 Febuary 2006: I updated the RCC page a bit and added definitions for the different categories.

3 Febuary 2006: I'm working on a new magic page. In time it will feature spells, types of magic, as well as discussions on the nature of magic.

15 January 2006: I added a few things to the RCC page.

10 October 2005: Just trying to pretty up the site a little bit. Notice the new super nintendo graphics!

21 August 2005: Giant Bats!

16 June 2005: I added a breakdown of the basic terms used in battle.

14 May 2005: I added the maps for Elvenshrine and Pretta. Too lazy to link, find them yourselves.

14 May 2005: Learn about Factions, Ranks, and Reputation.

14 May 2005: I've posted an explaination of my armor system in the rules section.

1 May 2005: New area in guardia- Riverwood Forest.

25 April 2005: Sorry for the lack of updates people. I was studying in london for a few months. More updates hopefully to come soon.

15 December 2004: More alchemy updates. I put up a few more herbs.

14 December 2004: Alchemy!

5 November 2004: I now have 3 "clickable" cities in the guardia section.

30 October 2004: I finally scanned my Guardia map. Its imcomplete, but the layout will be the same in the final version, just with more things.

30 October 2004: New city added in the land of guardia. Check out Pretta, the city of four races.

25 October 2004: Check this out. Turns out theres a way to get rid of those annoying pop ups.

25 October 2004: Keep checking guardia/ elvenshrine. I'm going to try to add as many places and plot points as possible.

25 September 2004: I just added a new section: RCCs.

22 September 2004: I'm building my first complete map section. Unfortunatly the "map" part wont be up for a while considering it is a constant work in progress. For now, check out the begannings of The Land Of Guardia.

1st July 2004: Welcome to the new Virtual RPG Database. The plan is to start fresh in a new area of the map, and build from there, rather than cleaning up the old section. Unfortunatly, I don't even have a complete map done as I am constantly adding new areas to it. I also plan to put up some new rules and some new monsters...

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