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Entered 11.24.05

Thankful for you.


Entered 9.11.03

Never let down.


Entered 9.9.03

The Wolf is loose!

Entered 8.29.03


How are you? Thank you for visiting the site!

As you can see, I have been in a cave for almost a year now. I’ve been busy with stupid crap (a.k.a. life) and haven’t made any updates. Not a single one. But it hasn’t been because I wasn’t thinking about it.

In fact, I kept thinking, “it’s been so long since I made an update it better be really good.” The pressure. The pressure!

So, anyway, today I decided “screw it.” I’m just gonna come back on with an update of nothing spectacular. So, here it goes.

#1   OMG! Andrew’s new CD comes out Sept. 9! The Wolf! I have heard nothing but cool stuff about it – that somehow it rivals I Get Wet. That’s just crazy! I can’t wait!

#2   I have a rockin’ account from a dear, sweet friend of mine who met him. It includes a couple awesome surprises.

#3  Some really cool person made this sweet looking banner for me and used it to link to Bloody Boyfriend. Then I, being the uncool person, lost that person’s name and URL. So, if you are out there or know who I am talking about, please provide me their name and URL so I can give them proper credit and link back to them as well.

#4  Another cool person sent me these super cool “top secret” pictures and said some nice things to me about the site. Well, I – the idiot, lost that person’s info, too. So, if you are out there, email me again, so I can give you proper credit. Thank you again for the pictures! Just double click on them to get the full sized image.


#5  I still love Andrew.

So, there it is. I’ll be back soon with info about my friend’s encounter with our Bloody Boy.

Thanks again for visiting!


Entered 11.6.02

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for continuing to visit the site. You obviously have a high tolerance for my lack of updates.  It’s not because I don’t care. Trust that.

Right now I am sittin’ here enjoying my own special brew (mint and black currant tea) reveling in a recent glory. I won a pumpkin-decorating contest and it is all thanks to my Bloody Boyfriend.

The contest in itself was pretty lame, as it was a paper pumpkin contest – not even papier-mâché. Nope. Just a big white piece of paper with the outline of a pumpkin drawn on it – like something they would give you in kindergarten. The idea was to color it in or glue stuff to it. It was pretty fucking gay, but whatever. I was obliged to participate. (Very unsportsman-like, I know. Tsk. Tsk.)

Some people glued candy and fabrics to the pumpkins – some really elaborate shit if you were, say, in 6th grade. Me? Well, I just went with what appealed to me because I knew there was no chance I would win. So, this is what I came up with:  


Most people appeared horrified at my entry. “Who is that?!” they exclaimed in a repulsed fashion. However, they must have been hypocrites because somehow, in the end, my pumpkin received the most votes, taking first place! Amazing! Even more amazing, the prize was $50! Unbelievable! It was all due to the beauty of my bloody boy. Thank you, Andrew.

In fact, out of their curiosity about the image of the man on my pumpkin, I was able to convert many non-believers and inform the uninformed about our sweet rocker dude.

Andy’s seductive face has won over yet another crowd.

I love you, Andrew!

P.S. Updated the concert dates.

P.S.S. If you have linked to me and I havent linked to you, let me know. I wanna share the love. :)


Entered 9.11.02



Entered 9.10.02

Damnation! Sorry the site was down for a while. I dont know what the deal was. Gurg. Anyway, the cool thing is I finally got some new concert dates up. You may already be aware of where my Bloody Boyfriend will be through October. But if you dont, then just click here

Have great Tuesday!


Entered 8.22.02

Uh-oh. Now Ive done it. I have added a tag board, and Im scared.  :p Well, you can use it to meet, greet, and talk about you-know-who.  :)  So, tag away! Scroll down a bit and look for it in the side bar or click here.


Entered 8.21.02

Did you know you can send an AWK e-greeting to a friend? Oh. You did? Uh . . . Okay. I guess I’m slow on the uptake. But for those of you out there as behind the times as me, check out these cool e-cards at Beat Greets.  

Truthfully, they could have a bigger selection. Maybe we should tell them to make more for more occasions OR maybe we make them ourselves. Hmmmm . . . .

Happy Parsi New Year!


Entered 8.12.02

Eek! I haven’t updated in a long time! Well, I said before I am bad about updating. Sorry. But I try.

I need to update all the tour dates. Sorry. I’ll have those up sooner than later.

I got an email from the guys at a cool mag called Metal Rules announcing their latest issue featuring my bloody boyfriend. I say it is cool because it seems cool. I haven’t actually put my hands on a copy yet. However, just from reading their site (, I get the feeling the mag is pretty darn funny and full of metal scene info. So, if that sounds like your bag, you need to get an issue right away. In fact, we all do! The issue they have available right now has Andrew on the cover (with Chris Meloni and Cory Feldman, LOL!) and an exclusive interview on the inside. So, it sounds like a definite must.

If you need to find a store that sells Metal Rules, email Jeff at Or you can buy one off the site.

Have a great Monday!


Entered 7.11.02

Hi! Well, I am not very good at providing news and information about AWK. Im not on the “inside” or even near the window. But, since you are here, I feel it is my responsibility to tell you that Bloody Boyfriend is going to be on “Late Night with Conan O'Brien” tonight. Check your local listings, but it usually comes on right after the “Tonight Show” with that blockhead Jay Leno. I hope Andrew will not only be a musical guest, but also get interviewed by Conan. I love watching Andrew talk. *purr*  

Oh! BTW, we are also now a part of the groovy AWK Web Ring. Check the link at the bottom. 

Happy Thursday!


Entered 6.30.02

Hi! Welcome to the last day of June 2002! Dont be scared. Youll be all right.

If you havent seen the She Is Beautiful video yet . . . well, you must be living in a deeper cave than me. If you have a nice DSL connection, mosey over to the AWK News Ring on the sidebar and click on the video link. I swear, he is a total bag of fun. My fav part of that video . . . okay, well I have two fav parts . . . okay, okay, three: 

1) when his eyes pop open while he is sleeping in the beginning, 
2) when he slides through that weird little opening in the wall, and 
3) when he runs into the night like a total spaz at the very end. 

Besides all that, I love the total thing cause, well, its Andrew - all Andrew. Voice. Smile. Eyes. Lips. Arms. Thighs. T-shirt. Tummy.  *meow* Me love him so much.

I have no good reason to post this picture besides the fact I love it.  I totally  want to  hang out with this guy. 
Keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times - but do whatever you want with your head.

*sigh* Ahh, Andrew. He's such a wonderful babbler. He even exceeds me. If you never read it, check out this awesome interview with him from May 8, by The Onion A.V. Club.  

Click here to get a complete list of all info and articles on Andrew by The Onion.

Entered 6.20.02

Wow. Hi! Welcome to the debut of Bloody Boyfriend. This is brand spanking new. In the future you can expect to find reviews and random thoughts about Andrew from the Web Weaver, me, Velma.

I have been on the Andrew train since March. I have to admit my attentions for my Bloody Boyfriend are strictly lust focused. I love a handsome face with a great smile attached to an insane genius. Certainly Andrew is insane, sweetly insane. You can read about my initial thoughts on Andrew here.

Book mark this page and keep checking in for new information and observations.

Have a happy Thursday!



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