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Microcontroller Project Listings...
Basic Interfacing of HD44780 LCD with PICs.
4x4 Keypad Interfacing with PIC.
Basic RS232 Communication.
ICD II Clone designed by Lothar Stolz.
PIC Temperature / Brightness Reader.
PIC CPU Cooler Fan Speed Tester. (0 - 9999 RPM.)
PIC AutoRange Capacitance Meter. (5pF - 2600uF)
Low Cost Winamp IR Controller
Basic USB Communications (RS - 232 Emulation Method)
Nokia 3310 PCD8544 Based Graphical LCD Demo.
MMC Demo and FAT16
FPGA Project Listings...
Practical Implementation of Rijndael S-Box Using Combinational Logic
FPGA Interfacing of HD44780 Based LCD Using Delayed FSM ***New
Stuffz of Personal Interests...
The expedition to High Fort Cameron.
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