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Hail, and Well Met, travelers!  I am the Moon Dragon, and I invite you to peruse my collection of fanfiction.  I have quite the selection of excellent works in my library, written by myself and other talented authors.  Feel free to look around and enjoy yourselves.  If you have any questions, just ask!

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Comments14 March 2009-  Been a few months; but LUNAR Season 4, Episode 4 is in progress; as is the next Omega Storm.  In the meantime, two new stories have been posted; the second Ōban, "Rev It Up", and the first of a new series called Record of Guild Wars, "Ascalon".   Check them both out and let me know what you think!

   As always, make sure you hit the links and check out the updates there; and if anyone's got fanfics or fanart, send 'em in...  

(28 January 2009)-  A new year, a new update... with two new stories posted.  The fun continues in LUNAR Season 4, Episode 3, "Past and Future Tense".  Also up is a new series in the Non-SM Archives:  Return to Ōban, Part One, "Get This Party Started".

(15 December 2008)-  Holidays and Real Life (tm)... it sucks that it's taken this long, but the wait is over; LUNAR Season 4, Episode 2, "Finding the Hidden" is now posted.  Also up is a story in the Non-SM Archives, called "As The Fur Flies", which originated out of my last Canadian fishing trip.  Enjoy!

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The Lair was created on 10 April 2001; this latest version was created in April 2004.

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