These pages are intended to give members of the Law Enforcement community, both here in the United States of America & Australia, a visual insight into how citizens are being stalked, harassed & threatened as a result of logging onto the Internet. This is terrorism, and just because it doesn't involve commercial transportation or landmarks doesn't mean the threat isn't just as extreme.

Here you will find information about the very underestimated problem of Cyber Stalking. Once I explain what cyberstalking actually is, I will tell you a little bit of what both myself and my husband have experienced from one very psychotic, persistent stalker. I will also provide users with information on stopping stalkers, hopefully you will have better luck than I have had.

Cyberstalking occurs when electronic mediums such as the Internet are used to pursue, harass or contact another in an unsolicited fashion. Many stalkers are motivated by a desire to exert control over their victims.

The online user is vulnerable in primarily three areas. The areas include live chat or Internet relay chat lines (IRC), message boards or newsgroups and the users e-mail box.

Live Chat
Live chat harassment occurs when the victim is sabotaged electronically. An example is flooding the victim's Internet chat channel to disrupt their conversation.

Message Boards
A cyberstalker can dupe other users into harassing or threatening a victim by using message boards. For example, a cyberstalker could post a controversial or enticing message on the board under the name, phone number, or e-mail address of the victim, resulting in responses being sent to the victim.

A cyberstalker may send repeated, threatening or harassing messages to the victims e-mail box.

There are 33 cyberstalking laws on the books. Eight states have legislation pending, however nine states have no statutes regarding these crimes.

The states with cyberstalking statutes include Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. The states with cyberstalking legislation pending include Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, New Jersey, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia. The states with no cyberstalking legislation include Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, and Utah.

My experiences with a CyberStalker:

In the early 1990's I got online for the very first time, and soon afterwards found myself on IRC chatting in real time with people who had similar interests as myself. After awhile, I was given what is considered Op status. What does that mean? It means if someone comes into the IRC "Channel" where we are all talking, and is abusive, rude, or breaks any of the considered channel rules, they can be removed by anyone with a @ sign next to their nickname.. an Op.

Things went fine, and I had alot of fun with my friends. Approximately one year later, someone from Australia with the nickname of Peter joined the channel on a regular basis. Eventually he too became a channel Op, however his new "status" went to his head and he became "power happy" kicking people out for no reason and being abusive to anyone he felt like.

His Op status was removed. Once he left the channel, because for someone on a power trip online, if you have no control in a channel, you have no desire to remain there, he became fixated on me.

He dug through my life by obtaining information through lies and con storys. Everything about me and my family became public knowledge because of him.

He has at one time or another, usually multiple times done the following:

He has obtained the Social Security number for Me, My husband, and our son, who was at that time, a minor

He has altered a picture of the three of us and inserted the text "Child Molesters" on the picture and sent it out over the internet

He has hacked into my email so often that I learned, over many years, to hide my true email address, change passwords weekly and never send anything important

He has conned his way into getting information we sent to a national organization to obtain assistance for our son

He has obtained the records of every car we have owned, and any tickets either of us got during our entire driving history

He has done full, complete background checks on us, and has information that is so extensive he has absolutely all information that covers high school through 21 years of marriage, with everything in between.He has altered this information to suit his own needs.

He has used the information he got on us to apply for Credit Cards

He has phoned my husbands college and informed them that there was a death in the family and Robert (my husband) will not be returning, resulting in his nearly being unenrolled from college

He enjoys making comments about sexual activities with our son

He hands out our phone number to individuals who call our home to make threats and tell us what is going to be "done" to us. This has resulted in our phone number being changed 9 times, even though each time it has been unlisted

He has admitted in a very flustered state, to being caught participating in Child Pornography channels

He lurks online for women with young children, who live in the United States, and befriends them. Then uses the friendship to visit them. When the children age, he vanishes from the woman's life

He has attempted to obtain the medical records for our child who suffers from multiple disabilities

He has contacted the Social security Administration and informed them that our child is A) Older than on record B) Working. Neither of which are even remotely possible

He has contacted each and every internet provider (ISP) my husband and I have ever logged onto, even within 5 minutes of obtaining a brand new account

He will contact the administration of our current ISP with false claims of him being the one being harassed, making many false accusations, demanding that we lose our internet access. When the administration, who is always made aware of the problem prior to our getting access through them, tells him anything he dislikes, he floods them and tries to knock the entire provider offline

He uses illegal, Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks that kill our internet connection and have damaged our computers.

He has threatened to place a bomb in our mailbox

He has hired someone to photograph our home, us, our car

He was able to obtain a copy of the deed to our home, the blueprints and platt of the house

He has information on all of our neighbors

He has information on our extended family, including address of family members who moved recently and we ourselves had not obtained at that time

I have begun a page to show a few samples of some Screen Shots that were captured of him showing the mentality we are dealing with. I can not show all of them, as it would take up entirely too much space, much of it is repetitive, and most of it has more personal information about my family then I wish to display on a webpage. I will update this section often so you can see what we've seen all along.. his obsession and delusions are growing at an alarming rate.

When this originally became a problem, he was placed on the "banned list". What that is, is a up to date list of internet addresses and users who are not permitted to enter into a specific channel. That only infuriated him further, and he has signed up to multiple internet access providers which allow shell and or telnet access, with virtual hosts in the hundreds, basically making him unbannable

We attempted to file a formal complaint against him, but with us in the United States, and him in Australia, it became a nearly impossible situation. We had to contact the Australian Embassy in Washington DC, who then contacted our local police department to write the formal complaint. The local police then sent the complaint, along with our logs and information to the Australian Federal Police. The Au. Fed Police then proceeded to hand HIM the entire contents of our report and inform OUR police department to tell us to ignore him.

We have had to repeatedly file police reports, and nothing has ever been done. He uses multiple nicknames online, atleast one of which is a female nickname that he used in a children's chat room. He keeps an eggdrop bot on at all times, using the nickname of Nashville.

He seems quite deranged at times, talking about how he will be visiting the United States by merely "concentrating" on it. He is a firm believer in OBE (Out of Body Experiences) and has talked to people openly about how he can move through walls and time travel.

It is now 2005, and the problem is still ongoing. Not one day has passed since this began that we have not had to deal with it either directly or indirectly.

The normal, first reaction people get from hearing our experiences is "Why don't you just get offline". For that I have a two part answer. The first part is, we have. Robert was offline (I was invisible and hidden) for over a month. That only set him off more and he began to seek out family members offline via phone and mail. Part two is, we are stubborn and absolutely refuse to allow someone who so consistently breaks the law and threatens entire families to drive us from anywhere we have a right to be.

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