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Welcome one and all to my website, where everything is written and encoded by only me. I really like it when people send me feedback for the site, since then I know what I have to say is being appreciated and I also know what I can do to improve the site. My e-mail address is on the bottom of every page. If you really like the site, please vote for me in the World's Greatest Websites.
Just one thing: please don't send anything abusive. If you have a bad thing to say, but please don't go on saying how crappy something is without saying why it's so crappy.

Young Link Ready I also have every thing I know about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time posted up here. With it you can not only learn the story about how the brave boy Link saved the land of Hyrule from the evil Ganondorf Dragmire, but you can also learn step-by-step just how to pass this rather difficult game's levels, and find all of the hidden stuff!!

A natural spin-off from my Zelda64 Collection is my Video Games Collection, which holds not only all the other video game guides I've written but also links to great video game sites at other parts of the 'Net. You can access all the Site Info and learn some things about this website; hardware and software, Webring memberships and awards and honours. The details of previous updates are found in the News Archive. You can also learn all About Cyber Predator; what I enjoy, what I don't, and what I'm addicted to which isn't listed on this website.

Every effort is made to keep this website current. If you find an error, omission, link or other such thing which doesn't work as you expect it too, please e-mail me and I'll rectify the problem as soon as I can. And while you're e-mailing me, you might even like to offer some suggestions for this website, and I'm also happy to make a few penpals.

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....And that's the Good News!
0322 Zulu, 25 May 2000
I've got all the Stargate commentaries that I can put up, along with more links in the Episode Guide. Oh, and did you notice that I've put up my first piece of SG-1 fiction?

0811 Zulu, 14 April 2000
Lots of commentaries have gone up over the past few days, and my own summaries for the two-parter of Jolinar's Memories and The Devil You Know are coming. (Just be patient....)

0754 Zulu, 9 April 2000
Hi! Remember me? I'm Cyber Predator and I run this website. I haven't updated for a while due to interests unrelated to my website (which I doubt is business of yours, you nosy little....). Anyway, I have returned with my comments for the SG episode Demons.

0324 Zulu, 28 February 2000
After submitting everything I know about The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (and a major update for my Terminator 2: Judgement Day guide) to GameFAQs, I am now their 102nd contributor! Yeeeehaaaaaahhhh!!!!

0547 Zulu, 23 February 2000
Added commentary for Deadman's Switch in the Stargate: SG-1 Episode Guide.

0334 Zulu, 8 February 2000
Slight change to the look of the Stargate: SG-1 Episode Guide and a few new SG-1 Links. Not much else.

0550 Zulu, 5 February 2000
Added a new episode and some more log lines to the Stargate: SG-1 Episode Guide, and a huge amount of changing to the Stargate Mythology section.

0311 Zulu, 4 February 2000
Changes to the Stargate Collection are up: a new summary for the episode Solitudes has been written and posted, and the summary for Point of View has been finished and posted. The last of the faulty links to SG-1.Net are now fully purged from my system.

0829 Zulu, 18 January 2000
RIP Sci-fi collection, mostly because most of the information there was better served in the Flicks Collection. You'll still be able to see the summaries, it's just that I've moved them all to a different area. I also changed the copyright disclaimer a fair bit (it's now called Copyright Info, for example). Cleaning up of the Flicks Collection is in progress.

0518 Zulu, 28 January 2000
Although I didn't quite go with what I originally intended, my Video Games Collection is pretty much complete. I also updated the information held in the Site Information section.
Just one note I think I should make: since the content of this site pretty much falls under my own personal whim, don't expect updates or anything to be very consistent.

0424 Zulu, 28 January 2000
A slight change in the way I code my files means less coding for me to put in, and a slightly less loading time if you want to view the information....but the change is so slight you probably won't notice. Additional points in the Zelda64 Collection regarding Zora's Domain and a personal note on an item in Young Link's Inventory.
Today I'm starting on a brand-new Video Games page, which will document the video game guides I've written or ones that I have seen that are pretty good. I've already got one like this in the About Section, but on the grounds I'm getting a fair bit of feedback on my guide-writing skills I'll be making it a major feature of my site.

0922 Zulu, 11 January 2000
I moved all of last year's update notes into the News Archive last week, but system problems on my end meant I had to delay noting it until now. I'm about to put a link up in the Video Games Section, too.
On a sadder note: RIP Scifi collection, mostly because I'm planning a major reform of the movie section. Not that anything will get done, mind you....

"Whoever seeks fame need only become familiar with all I have acheived." - Claudius Galen
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