I don't know what the winning lottery numbers are, nor do I believe that Spirit is much interested in being used in such a materialistic manner.

I won't promise to make contact with loved ones who have crossed over. It has happened during a reading, but not often enough to get anyone's hopes up.

I won't make up random nonsense in order to "fill time" or be ruled by the clock.  Some readings last longer than others and that is just how it works. Some people take 3 minutes to connect with and some people take 5 or more minutes. Generally speaking, a reading rarely lasts less than 20 minutes and rarely exceeds 40 minutes. Please allot at least 45 minutes as it is difficult to read when I feel rushed.

I will offer to do
FREE healing/energy work if the situation calls for it. This would not infringe upon your reading time and it is your right to decline such assistance.

I will not promise an answer to any specific question. I am
Spirit Led and I cannot know in advance what Spirit will wish to speak with you about. It doesn't hurt to ask, of course, but I cannot promise that it will be addressed.

I will do an honest and entertaining reading for you!  If I don't know something, I will tell you that I just don't know! If something is very clear to me, I will tell you about it, whether I suspect you would like to hear about it or not.

I will send each person that I read a
FREE natural stone bracelet that I have personally made and prayed over.  The bracelet will be made of natural stone beads that I will select based on what I have intuitively learned about your particular energy needs. These are not expensive, nor do they include any precious gems or sterling silver. I sell these at craft shows locally for $6-$9.
I am a Spirit led intuitive Tarot reader. I have also had some success with in person and long distance healings and energy work, but that gift is still rapidly developing and this is not an area of expertise for me (YET!) I work with rocks and crystals during my personal meditations and when doing healing/energy work. I also express my love for the healing power of the stones through spiritual jewelry making. I do seem to have a knack for knowing just which stones will help people best.  I use my Tarot cards as a starting point during a reading and then Spirit assists me clairaudiently, clairvoyantly, and /or empathically. I tend to view my cards as my "jumper cables" to Spirit.  I believe that a good reading leaves you with a feeling that we have truly connected with each other and with Spirit. I also believe that Spirit chooses what is important for us to hear about, and try as we might; we do not always hear the answer to a question that WE, as humans, feel is important. During a reading with me, it may be helpful to focus on a particular situation that you wish to know about, but there is no guarantee that the situation will come up. I do guarantee that the reading will be informative and entertaining or I will gladly refund any payment.  It is not my intent to gain at the expense of another.  It is my intent to share the gifts I have been given and to be of service to others when I can.
Allow me to introduce myself
What actually happens during a reading?
I begin my readings with a short prayer to Spirit for assistance and guidance. This part is silent, and is a great time for you to focus silently on any situation you might like to hear about. If you have no immediate concerns, it's a great time to relax and clear your mind for a moment before we begin. As I'm shuffling the cards, I do try to make a connection with you somehow. At this point I may ask you about specific objects I see, words that I hear, or physical conditions I sense. This is just a time to validate the connection and usually means nothing at all to do with the actual reading. I call this part of the reading "astral dumpster diving".  It's simply making the connection. I then lay a 3-card spread of Past, Present, and Future. I will draw additional cards to help with clarification. I will tell you the cards I pulled, but please be aware that my cards "speak" to me and I have developed a particular relationship with Spirit through them.  This means the card may mean a different thing to me than it would to another reader using a different deck. If, after going through the "connection making" and the Past card, we have not yet made a connection that you can validate, this would be a good time to stop the reading. There really is no point in going any further if it doesn't feel like the reading "belongs to you".  I will then refund any payment immediately OR we can select another mutually acceptable time to try again.
Some days are just better than others are for any reader (no matter what they claim!), and the decision about what to do next is yours. If all is going well, I will continue to read the Present and the Future cards and discuss any specifics that may come up intuitively as well. I try to refrain from asking you too many questions until after the reading is finished, generally sticking with an occasional "does this make sense to you?" to validate that I am on the correct path with you. At the end of the reading, I will ask if there was anything that wasn't covered that you were hoping to hear about.  I will do my best to get information about those concerns at that time.
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