Bloody Noses
1.over a sink filled with ice water and repeatedly submerging  face. Very quickly the blood begins to slow from the cold (the blood thickens) and will stop.

2.tear off a small piece of a brown paper bag off, fold it into a rectangle, and moistened it with water. Then place it above  top front teeth (inside the mouth), press down hard on the soft tissue attaching  gums and mouth.  Hold it in place inside. Within a few minutes, the bleeding stops.

3.When you have a bloody nose, lie on the bed (Don't sit or stand) put the towel soaked in cold water on your forehead. About 2 minutes later, the bleeding will stop and you will feel better

4..When you get a nosebleed, take some cayenne pepper right away. Red pepper, or chile pepper, or tabasco sauce will do. Take about a teaspoonful. Your nosebleed should stop within 5 minutes or less. Take cayenne pepper every day for the next few days or so, and try to eat foods spiced with cayenne pepper on a more regular basis.

5.Pinch both the nostrils closed between the thumb and the fore finger. The pressure should be applied just below the nasal bone. Keep the child upright with his head thrown back, so that the blood does not trickle back into the throat. Maintain pressure with the fingers for atleast 2 minutes

6.Another method is to place a wedge of cotton inside the nostril and hold it there, at the same time keep applying the pressure outside the nostril for 5 minutes

7.Put a cotton plug soaked in liquid paraffin in the nostrils.

8.Put ice pack over the bridge of the nose

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