Welcome to Crash900s' new webpage
This new page is dedicated to my recent hobbies. My old Hp ze4210 was showing its age and so, after a long and exhaustive search I bought myself and my boyfriend new laptops. Also I believe I have finally finished my collection of fourth and fifth generation miniature fighter planes by Maisto.  
This is my new Hewlett Packard dv1310us part of Hp's dv1000 multimedia laptop series. It is 1.3' to 1.9' thick, weighs 5.3 lbs, and has a 14" brightview wide aspect display. It comes with an Intel Celeron M 1.5Ghz Processor, 512MB of RAM and, a 40GB Hard drive. It also has integrated wirelss and a DVD+CD R/RW dual layer combo drive. I really like its Quickplay functions which enable you to view DVD's, listen to CD's and Mp3's all without booting up. It also comes with a remote control which stows neatly in the PCMCIA card slot when not in use. 
This is my BF's brand new 15" Apple Powerbook. It is also a thin and light notebook at 1.1' and 5.6 lbs with a 15" widescreen. It is powered by a 1.67Ghz G4 processor, 512MB of RAM and, has 80GB of hard disk space. It has integrated wireless with bluetooth capability and a front loading super drive. I like its sleek and sturdy aluminum chasse and back lit keyboard which, along with its screen can automatically dim and brighten depending on the ambient light in the room.
My old ze4210

Side by side
Lights Dim
These are pictures of my Maisto Tailwinds miniature fighter jets:
F-117, F-18, mig29,Typhoon, Rafale,
F-16, F-35, Mirage III,
F-14, Tornado,
F-15, Su-37,
F-22, Su-47
Also here are my RealToy F-14 and Su-34
as well as my Corgi
747 and Concord.
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