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My CPCA Collectibles and Supplies are listed for sale here.

Welcome to For Peddlers Only!  A page of resources and links for Peddlers!  My name is Tammy!  I am a Peddler in Kansas.  I frequently check the message boards online (tons of valuable resources).  I decided that for those who don't check the boards and for those who do, it would be convenient if someone would convert all of the templates, files, games, etc. to a more user-friendly printable page.  So thus, I did this here.  I hope you enjoy!  Feel free to send any submissions to   Happy Peddlin'!

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CPCA Now Network:

CPCA My Website - What are you waiting for?  Build your own CPCA website easily and quickly now and get more contacts!

Peddler Supplies & Collectibles For Sale - NEW!!  Use these classifieds for posting Peddler supplies and collectibles that you have for sale!  POST ONLY CPCA PRODUCTS; anything else will be removed!

Book Gathering Tips - Visit this page for some handy tips for you as a Peddler on how to have a successful book gathering!  You will also find a form to fill out to give to your book hostesses to help her have a successful gathering as well!

Support Groups - Don't miss out!  There are several groups that I have listed!  If you are a Peddler, join at least one of these groups!  You will find tons of support, tips, resources, and frequently, Peddlers will sell some of their supplies and collectibles at discounted prices!  My advice though:  Don't join as an e-mail group, visit the actual website of the group and either have a "daily digest" sent to you by e-mail or don't have any e-mails sent to you where you can visit the website on your own time and read all of the messages!

Sales Tax Rates - Find the local sales tax rates via the internet by visiting this page and researching the state you need the rates for!

Downloads - Don't miss this page!  There are tons of important resources for you here as a Peddler.  Several forms to download and lots of other information that I have collected around the internet and posted in one place for everyone else to use!

Peddler Directory - I am compiling a National Peddler Directory to help potential hostesses or Peddlers find someone near them!  The reason I'm doing this is because several, several times I have seen messages posted on boards asking if there is a Peddler near this area.  I thought this would be an easier way to get the information out.  If you're a Peddler, make sure you submit your info!

Party Games - Print out all of the games that I have been able to gather for your gatherings!

Store Contents - Print out the contents of the country store to include in your adoption paks or give to your Peddler Possibility!

Peddler Links - Some sites pertaining to home businesses that you might find useful!


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