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Kyle Rayner - Flies at you                           Animated Battery             John Stewart - Beats a light-saber
       Animated Title Logo # 1                 G.L. Blink Button              Green Lantern Oath - Animated
Welcome GL fans !  - This character ( Hal ) was always one of my favorites ( see the dedication on the Green Arrow page ).  What you see below is just the beginning. In addition to animations of Hal Jordan & John Stewart, I'm also in the process of making a few more. Come back to see Guy Gardner ( I'm animating a scene from an old issue of JLA - where Batman punches him out, should be fun).

                                                                    Enjoy all......... Pete.. August 11, 2005.
Hal Jordan - fires !                        John Stewart as above - white bg.               Animated Logo # 2
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Update - March 2nd, 2003.  1 new gif added right below this one. Also check out the Green Arrow page for a
                                         few new animations featuring the Green Lantern / Green Arrow team !  (link Below)
3-D Power Battery                       Jade # 1                       Jade # 2                       Power ring - Shield
Update - April 1st, 2003.  3 new gifs added. 1. Revolving 3-D Power Battery 2. Jade blows a kiss  3. Kyle Rayner
                                     powers up an energy shield.  See 4th row.
GL - Fighting Stance         Parallax - Hovering           Guardian of Oa                   Guy Gardner # 1
Update - July 15th, 2003.  3 new gifs added. 1. GL Fighting Stance 2. Parallax hovering  3. Guy Gardner # 1 -
                                       See bottom row.
Update - Aug 11th, 2005.  7 new gifs added. 2 Jade gifs completed (as requested), 1 Guardian, 3 new ones of Hal
                                      my 1st one for Kyle, and another one of John Stewart. ( see last few rows )
GL - Will Power           Kyle Rainier         Costume  Change           Parallax # 2          John Stewart # 2
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