Notice: Due to the continual wonderful response to this site, I have chosen to leave it up but wanted to inform everyone that it is no longer being updated. I am a junior in college now, working on a degree in clarinet performance, and I have a recital and grad school auditions to think of. As such, I do not have time to keep up this page. However, since it is of such nostalgic value to me, and I continue to get emails from people who also enjoy it, I will leave it up in its current form.

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You Know You're A Band Nerd When... 700 ways you know you're a band nerd!!!
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The Band Nerd Purity Test Are you a real band nerd? Find out here!

*In Progress* The Band Bible All right, I'll admit it... I have *way* too much free time on my hands.

Parody Central When I'm inspired, I write parodies, and they're usually related to band, so check it out!

Band Jokes What would a page about band be without 'em?

Top 10 Lists Oh yes, they're all about band.

The ABCs of Band

SMAS: I'm Back! My complete analysis of Summer Music @ Stanislaus. [Summer 2002]

Band In The Real World Ok, so not everything in life is about band... or is it?

Beyond Band No, it's not a new series on the sci fi channel -- studies prove that there really is life outside of band!

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Sneezy.Org One of the funnest*, most comprehensive clarinet sites out there; checking out the bulletin board is a must!
*Yes, I'm pretty sure funnest isn't a real word
UOP Conservatory of Music My school's website... very cool stuff :)
The Liberty Band The website of my high school band (from which I graduated).
The Diablo Wind Symphony A group I used to play in back in high school. Completely unrelated to band, but oh-so-funny.
Summer Music @ Stanislaus Music camp funness.

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Me, Myself, & My Alleged Band Nerdiness

November 2006. Only 2 years after my last update and the final update probably. I am a clarinet performance major in college. It's fun, it's a lot of work, and I'm not sleeping nearly as much as I should.

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