Time for an RX dose of "laughter is the best medicine!"

Some cliches actually have a basis in fact. Smiling, laughing, giggling, poking fun at life's absurdities, even finding humor in tragic situations helps you relieve stress and cope psychologically.

And new studies show that it's not just psychological benefits we derive from laughter -- even patients with terminal illnesses live longer and better with less pain and disability if they have an optimistic outlook.

In the beginning, there was light-headedness....

I first began doing cartoon strips about life with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) during the summer of 1990, a period in which I was feeling even wimpier from the effects of anemia, brought on by frequent use of aspirin in the fight against CFS. I was looking for something to do that required sitting down...

At first, I thought about assembling my collection of funny anecdotes, articles, cartoons, etc., into a kind of "CFS Humor Booklet," but concerns over copyrights gave me pause. Sooooo....I decided it would just be a lot easier to create my own cartoons.

And Hoover! ....Errr, I mean, Eureka! CFS DAYS was born! (I'm always getting those two mixed up! That's what happens when you don't use vacuum cleaners enough to tell the difference between them!)

Starting with these earliest efforts, I'll be sharing a few of my laughs with you on a rotating basis. Once a month, I'll replace the cartoons with a  batch, so tune in again and again! (And be sure to scroll all the way down the page so you won't miss the rest of the fun!)

"Hey dad, how 'bout a game of catch?" "Sorry, Brian, but I can't budge from here.""I guess dad just likes to play on the couch!"

(BZZZZZZZZZT) "Oh, oh . . . Now I KNOW I'm sleeping too much. A Tse-Tse fly just bit me . . . and IT fell asleep!"

(Hmmm . . .) "It may be time to think about joining a support group. I've just realized that all the names in my phone book end with M.D.!"

"Hello. You have reached the National Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Association. We're sorry, but we're not able to personally answer your call right now. Please leave your n-a-m-e a-n-d n-u-u-m-b-e-r (click) Hello? Sorry about that. But at times, even our answering machine gets tired!"

CFS DAYS cartoons Bill Jackson 1990 - 1998.

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About The Author

Bill tears his hair out while cartooning.A typical day of cartooning....

Photo of Bill's cat, Charlie.Bill's assistant artist, Charlie.

Born August 27, 1953, life-long Kansas City resident Bill Jackson was diagnosed with CFS in 1988 following a frustrating seven year search for an answer to his strange symptoms. Previously, Bill was an office worker in various U.S. Government agencies, and also worked part-time as a newswriter/ photographer for several K.C. area weekly newspapers. Currently receiving Social Security Disability, Bill uses much of his limited energy doing volunteer work for his church, serving as the moderator of FIBROM and co-moderator of the ABLED conferences on Fidonet, and keeping up this Web site. He began making the "CFS DAYS" cartoons for the National Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Association's (NCFSFA) newsletters in 1990.

CFS DAYS is a testament to the healing power of humor and to the amazing ability of the human spirit to adapt.


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