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Subject: YData--SSDI--Will my benefits be cut off?
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001


Will my benefits be cut off?

The biggest fear for most people who receive Social Security disability benefits is that they will be cut off benefits. What are the chances of this happening?

Social Security is supposed to review most people receiving Social Security disability benefits at least every three years. Even recipients who are permanently disabled are supposed to be reviewed at least every seven years. In recent years, Social Security has been so short of money that there have been few reviews. This will probably change in the next few years. Congress is putting pressure on Social Security to review more cases. Congress may even give Social Security the money it needs to do this.

One of the reasons Social Security has been reluctant to do more continuing disability reviews is that it is difficult to cut off disability benefits. Social Security must prove that a person has improved.

When Social Security has done reviews, it has found that more than 90% of the people it reviews have not improved. There is some chance that Congress will change the standard to make it easier to cut off disability enefits.

What can people who are now receiving Social Security disability benefits do to protect themselves against being cut off?

1) If you get better and feel like going back to work, of course, go back to work. Just let Social Security know you have gone back to work. Social Security won't cut off or even reduce your regular Social Security disability benefits until you have been back at work for a year.

2) If you can't go back to work, at least keep seeing your doctors on a regular basis.

3) If you get a notice that you are being reviewed, don't panic, the odds are excellent that your benefits will be continued.

4) If Social Security does try to cut you off, call us right away. Don't delay. Your benefits can continue while you appeal, if you file your appeal within ten days after you receive the notice cutting off your benefits.

5) Try to save some money. You may need the money to pay attorney fees and to keep going if Social Security tries to cut you off. This information is not legal advice, but for information purposes only.

This information is from AOL SSD BB-C. Hall
Putting together your SS packet

Have you ever heard the saying "Too much is never enough?"

I think this must have been in reference to SS.........overload them with paper work, and they will still ask for more. Send them everything but in an organized info pack.

My son and a friend helped me put my SS info pack together. It took a lot of time and energy, but it worked. I used (2) three inch binders and sectioned everything with tabs.

1. Cover sheet with name, SS#, date I stopped working and diagnosed diseases listed.

2. A list of ALL medications including over the counter meds and even eye drops for Sjogrens, etc. Next to each I listed what they were prescribed for, doctor who prescribed them, dosage and any side effects I experienced. Behind this sheet I included the drug info sheet. It is usually given with the prescription or you can locate information on the Internet.

3. Disease information sheets which explained each of my diagnosed diseases, their symptoms, prognosis, etc. I highlighted the important parts of each. You can get this information from your doctors or Internet sites.

4. Statements on how my illness had changed everything in my life. There were 3 written statements: Myself, son and a close friend.

5. Doctor statements and Residual Functional Capacity Questionnaires. Each of my doctors (5) filled out a RFCQ and on their letterhead stationary type a statement about my diseases, symptoms, prognosis, that the diseases would last longer than 12 months and I could NOT engage in any substantial gainful activity.

6. All Medical records-doctor notes, labs, hospitals, tests and x-rays. The doctors were sectioned by type, with most important first. Most recent records were first. Important factors were highlighted in all medical records.

7. Copies of all applications and letters sent to SS. Also copies of SS criteria for each of my diseases.


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