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Volume 9

Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002
Subject: Fibrostory

Seems the car stories are big. I went to the store. I have eliminated the car finding problem - or so I thought. I always park in the first row parking place (even if I have to wait) and I keep a rubber chicken hanging on my rearview mirror for identification. Well, I went to get in my car and it wouldn't unlock. I could not figure this out. I panicked - only to realize that a car exactly like mine was parked in the first parking spot on the row behind mine - I had forgotten to look for my rubber chicken.


(As all of us know, "Never leave home without your rubber chicken!" - ed.)

From: "Schmidt, Vicki M." <>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002
Subject: fibrofog follies

It's nice to know I'm not alone in losing my mind! I've put the milk in the closet with the water softener, and locked my purse and keys in the car a number of times. Thankfully my husband just comes to the rescue and doesn't give me too much grief about it.

A few months ago I went shopping and found the perfect pair of black boot-style shoes, and was so excited that I showed my husband them when I got home. My husband asked me why I needed yet ANOTHER pair of that type of shoe. "What do you mean?" I asked. I was totally dumbfounded when he brought out the identical pair I had just bought a few days earlier with him.

Another time we were heading into town to do several errands and discussing where we should go first. I decided we should go to Wal-Mart first and then to Menards. Not two minutes later as we passed the turn-off for Menards, I turned to my husband (who was driving) and said "I thought you wanted to go to Menards!?!" Incredulous, my husband looked at me and said "YOU said we should go to Wal-Mart first!!!"

Vicki Schmidt
Administrative Secretary
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002
Subject: Fibro Fog

Went to the local grocery store to get my Mom's favorite dinner. Salad bar salad's. Prepared her container and mine. Put several other items in the cart; rolls, apples, cereal. Got home and started to unpack the bags and was very upset because the checkout clerk did not give me the salads. Looked at my receipt to see if I had been charged. No, not charged. Then I remembered that I had forgotten to put the prepared containers in the cart. Wonder how long they sat on the ledge at the salad bar? I had frosted mini wheats for dinner.

From: (Linda Ely)
Date: Thu, 9 May 2002
Subject: Thank you!

I saw myself so many times in all the stories, and I just have to say thanks for helping me smile about it all! I'm a teacher, and I get right into the middle of the lesson and forget what I am saying. I always turn to the nearest student and ask what I just said (like maybe THEY weren't paying attention!). Sometimes I pick on a student and ask them to stand up and summarize the lesson so far. This has really worked wonders so far.

Once the principal walked in, and was listening, and actually complimented me on being such a great teacher! GEE, I hope he doesn't read this!


From: Liz Shustha <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002
Subject: Fibro fog funny

One day, I walked out of the house to get into the car, and noticed it was missing. I looked out front, thinking I may have parked it on the street rather than in the driveway. No car! So I call the police to report my car missing. Just as the police pull up, my friend calls. I tell her I will call her back, the police are here to take a report on my stolen car. She says "That is why I am calling, I just saw your car at the corner store, and you weren't there and I was wondering why." As the officer comes to the door, with my friend still on the phone I realize that I had stopped to the store on my way home from an appointment the day before. This store is less than I block from my home, I usually walk to it. I must have gone there in my car, and walked home. Needless to say I was quite embarassed when I explained to the officer, and my friend what had happened.

From: Lizzie <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002
Subject: Fibro Fog

The three REALLY dumb things I've done... or shall we say the dumbest three things I REMEMBER doing is taking some antihistimines, forgeting I took them, and then taking some painkillers (that REALLY doesn't go well with antihistimines...), and then to top it off half an hour later, I took more painkillers, totally forgetting that I had taken them before... Needless to say, my mother is now in charge of the medication, and I'm feeling very lucky that the only side effect was about 17 hours of very sound sleep....

I'm doing a professional writing and editing course at TAFE this year, and I spent about 40 minutes staring blankly at the end of semester test. I couldn't remember what subject I was in, what I had to do on the test, and finally, when my brain snapped out of it's daze, it took me three times to spell my name.....

That, and my all time favourite, I have a CFS support site, and I was surfing around it, making sure it worked and I found a broken link. So, being a concientious little cupcake, I sent an email to the person running the site to report it.... While checking my email I read the "broken link email," and my only thought was "Hey, that chick has the same name as me, cool!!" I didn't realise what I did until I went to send a "Thanks for reporting the link" email....

-Lizzie :-)

Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2003
Subject: Amazing!

I've read them all and done them all: drove off with cell phone on car roof; burned a pillow in the microwave; left car running in driveway all night; keep my organizer close by so I can look up people's names and their kids names when I drive up to their house; use descriptions to give someone clues about words I can't remember; could not remember a phone number between the phone book and the telephone dial.

I have Parkinson's and thought that caused all the problems. Needed to buy a car with automatic transmission - in the future. In March I walked into a car dealership owning a paid for 1995 Nissan Maxima. Let a team of professional salespeople drive it away and sell me a rattely Ford Escort stationwagon for $12,000. Fortunately my friends and churchmembers convinced the sales manager I was mentally challenged and to allow me to trade it for an Altima ($14,000). I didn't know until two months ago that I am hypothyroid. I still forget where I put my keys - but thyroid medication is making an incredible differrence - INCREDIBLE - have your doctor check your TSH, please - many of us may have results "in the normal range" but still have a problem.

Thank you for creating this web site. I feel so much empathy for everyone.

Kathy Matthews
Thousand Oaks

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