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Volume 8

From: "N Foster" <>
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001
Subject: Fibro-Fog

Here is one that you may want to add to your collection of follies. My teenage daughter and I were spending some quality time watching television and chatting. The remote control was near me and I picked it up to change channels only to have my daughter laugh hysterically. Then I had to laugh too as I realized that I was pointing the telephone at the television. Just another Fibro-Fog day.....


From: "June Dias" <>
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001
Subject: Fibro Folly

I was teaching band in public school a few years ago. I worked in 3 different school buildings in various parts of the city. I'd go to at least 2 buildings each day. Doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that I was often in the wrong building at the wrong time or on the wrong day.

Since I only had an office & desk at one of these buildings, I had to carry lots of things with me each day - my attache, my purse, any instruments I'd need, my keys. I was always misplacing something. The real kicker tho - one winter I lost my purse. I looked everywhere - at each school, at home, in the car - nowhere to be found. I had to replace my driver's license, insurance cards, cancel my credit cards, the whole deal. Several weeks later, when the snow started to melt, I found my purse in the bushes next to my front door. Still don't know why I set it down outside.


Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001
Subject: RE: FibroFog

I wanted to say thanks first off for this website, although I cannot remember how I found it. It really made me laugh at the silly things that I have done.

I have done the ice cream in the fridge, milk in the pantry closet, laundry detergent in the fridge type of things (now the kids unpack and seperate the groceries for me in the specific spots so I know where everything goes). I have forgotten why I was in the kitchen, which was to cook dinner. I have forgotten to feed the dog (which my kids now feed her). I have to write notes for the reminder notes I have written. I have misplaced my keys to the point my oldest son (10) wants to get me the clapper key finder. I have lost my glasses I don't know how many times and they are usually on my face (seriously) or in my hands or tucked in my shirt pocket.

I have locked my keys in my car to the point that as a teen, my dad got me a magnetic key holder to put under my hood so my mom wouldn't have to drive out to find me. My most memorable and embarrassing experience was this past winter. I was at the grocery shopping complex at our local military base and wanted to stop at the package store for a carton of cigarettes. I had my youngest son (5) in the car with me and we were singing along to the radio having a grand time. It was a good song and I got out, pushed the seat up so he could get out (still singing to the music) and shut the door. I always lock my car door, it's a habit now, I heard the music and said DUH way to go girl. I went to call my husband who had to then find a ride to come and unlock the car for me so I could get my keys. I went in and got my cigarettes, thankful that I didn't lock my purse in the car too. Anyways, I lit a smoke and walked over to the car which seemed really hot, and then heard the wonderful engine running. My face I am sure was beet red. People all around me asked me if I was all right because I had been standing around a running car, and I said "nope, Im fine just felt like locking my keys in the running car to see how fast my husband could get here." They actually thought I was serious. When he got there he just looked at me and said that this was the icing on the cake, he had done seen it all. He made me promise to get a key made so I could keep one on me, then said with my luck I would lock my purse in the car next along with the spare key.

I went and had a key made, which he made sure I had, and then caught myself a week later. I locked my keys in the car with my purse in it. For some unknown reason I had the billfold that had the spare key in my hands. Someone was watching over my shoulder that day. My kids try to go with me wherever I go, and they yell at me to make sure I have my keys. I had a long bead key chain made so my leg hits it, which reminds me to take my keys out.

Wish me luck!

Leslie C.
Hampton Roads, VA

Date: Thu, 31 May 2001
Subject: Fibro Fog Follies

Not only have I locked my keys in the car while it was still running, I forgot the name of the street I was on when I called the locksmith to come help me out. I wandered up the street to find a sign, then got lost on the way back to the car. The locksmith wanted to know what was I smoking.....

When I'm able to work at the customer service desk, I have the "triple note method" to keep track of my business. The first note pad is a list of who called me. The second note pad is a list of who I need to call back. The third note pad is a list of what I was in the middle of doing when the phone rang! One day I read my 3rd note pad and one of the entries said, very simply, " taking notes!" lol


From: "Barb Reisinger" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001
Subject: fibrofog follies

For years my family thought I was losing it, but they were pretty sure when my very loving husbund relayed the latest mom "funny". We have a peke-a-poo dog and I do all the trimming, but usually when someome has verified me not fogged in. This day my husband came in my room to a "help-me" look from the dog. He was being clipped...I was foggy...but the weapon of choice was the TV the channels were also jumping like crazy!!! Could have been worse.

Thanks Barb Reisinger....Columbus,Ohio

Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001
Subject: fibro fog

LOL...It is so nice to find out that I am not the only out there that does "strange" things. The worst that I know I have done is to throw my pay check in the trash. I had came home from work and was opening my mail over the recycle bin tossing in all the unwanted mail and envelopes....(so I thought).

Later I went to the bank to cash my check and what did I have but the envelopes that I thought was in the trash. That day I was a "dumpster diver" looking for my pay check. Yes I found it there. It seems I throw everything away. I have to go through the trash on a regular basis to make sure that I don't toss anything of importance.

Yorktown IN

From: "tursiops" <>
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001
Subject: Top ten dumn places I have found stuff

I'd like to see a list of the silliest places people have left, and then found, belongings.

A few weeks ago, I spent a good part of the day trying to find my purse/carkeys. After looking in all the usual (supposedly logical) places, I tried the really dumb places. No purse. I finally found myself glaring at the ceiling and yelling, "Please, God, give my brain back just long enough to find the !@#$%^&*() purse!". Finally, exhausted from the long search, I cast myself down on the recliner, and sulked. (A good sulk is sometimes therapeutic - - if you don't let it last too long.) Then, feeling just a TAD hungry, I went to the refrigerator. After wondering for a minute ("Why did I come here - - oh yeah, hungry"), I started prowling through the box looking for something I didn't have to cook. Not having any luck there, I checked the freezer. And there, frozen solid - - was my leather purse!

From: "Eugene Meado" <>
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001
Subject: Fibro fog

I really enjoyed all the fibro stories, I have done some really stupid things while in a fog. One day while cleaning up after dinner, I put the butter in the dishwasher, and the garbage in the fridge, when my husband looked in the fridge, He said honey, why are you keeping the garbage in the fridge? I said, I thought we might want a snack later. When I realized what he said, we both laughted till we cried.


From: "maxine" <>
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2001
Subject: mind fog

Hello, i have had quite a laugh reading thru your pages. i could be reading about myself a lot of the times. My husband and own a service station, and he has caught me putting sausage rolls in the till instead of the pie warmer. some days i ask him "did i give you your mail?" if he says no, i have to go thru the bin, and sure enough there it is. I have filled a plastic bucket with hot sudsy water with disinfectant to fill the mop bucket and instead have tipped it in the bin. i could go on forever, but that is enough confessions for one day.

bye from maxine in w.a. (Western Australia)

From: "skyeberries" <>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001
Subject: Fibro follies

Well I knew I finally lost it the other day...I'm on the phone talking to my mom ...I have a cordless headset that I use to keep my hands free so I can do other things while I'm on the phone...this time while I was talking I had gotten hungry and decided to get some cookies to snack on. I got a small bowl and put a few in and continue talking to my mom...I don't know what happened, I must have gotten so engrossed in the conversation I had forgotten where I left my bowl of cookies, so as I'm still talking I'm going around hunting for that bowl of cookies...retracing my steps and looking all over...then for some reason like someone turned on a a light...duh!...there they were...this is the sad, funny part...I had them them in my hand the whole time...I carried them around in my hand and didn't even realize it. Thats when I knew I truly lost my mind :)


From: <>
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001
Subject: Always thought I was just really tired...

I am so relieved to see that I am not the only one! I always thought my fatigue made my brain "mushy". I am 20 and I haven't been diagonosed with FMS for certain by my doctor. A couple of years ago I had a boyfriend that I was driving home from our youth group. We always parked the car and talked a while before he went inside. ( We only talked.) Well, one night I took him home and we talked, then I pulled away. I got all the way back to my church when I was pulled over by a cop! I rolled down the window and asked what I'd done. She said I only had on my fog lights but my headlights weren't on, she then asked why. I told her I was parked with my boyfriend and she let me go. I didn't realize what I had done until much, much later.

Another time I went to get the same guy to go somewhere and when we got in the car and I began pulling out I saw a car the same color as mine and forgot I was in my car. I saw a AAA sticker and wondered aloud when I had join AAA. Suddenly I realized that I was obviously driving someone elses car! But who's???!!! "Oh," I breathed aloud, the other car was a saturn, I was driving my ford.

Yet another one...
I was going to my counciling techniques class one morning and I packed up my book bag and jumped in the car. When I got to class and took out my psych book it was my tv guide.

From: Genevieve Hodgins <>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001
Subject: Story For Fibro Follies

I have a few of my own. My 2 most embarrsing ones were:

The time I went out with a friend and jumped in the wrong car! I heard this elderly woman's voice say "You're in the wrong car dear." Well I let out a scream that my friend and others could hear through the parking lot!! But the elderly lady was soooo calm, and laughed her head off at the look on my face and when I screamed!! Then I had to laugh along with her. I never felt soooo stupid in all of my life! But thank heavens, it was a elderly lady!

Another time, before I went to bed, my purse was sitting on the floor next to the dirty clothers hamper. Well, if you haven`t guessed by now?? What happened was, when I removed my panties for that day, when I got changed, you guessed it!! I placed them in my purse instead of the hamper. LOL!! Thank heavens, while still at home, I went into my purse to get my change purse and found them, instead of at a store!! But I have to admit, I had one good belly laugh thinking what that would have looked like in a grocery store!!! Well, I hope I was able to put a smile on some of your faces with my stories, as you have when I read some of yours :-) Everyone Take Care!!

Pokie, Angel
SouthWestern Ontario~^i^

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