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From: "Susan Raby" <>
Date: Wed, 01 Sep 1999
Subject: Christmas shopping

Last fall before being diagnosed with fibro I was shopping at a local discount store. We had purchased a new car several months before but I couldn't remember where I had parked or what the car looked like. However, I did have a remote trunk release. So I pushed that and walked up and down the rows of cars until I found one with the trunk up. Low and behold it was my car!


From: Janet Curtis <>
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999
Subject: Fibrofog

I have the same kind of stories as everyone else. My best one, though, is the day all three locally resident members of my family had to bail me out.

I took a day off work (combination no sleep and getting ready for DS#2's wedding) to run some errands. I had carefully made out lists with the help of my husband the night before. I managed to get myself and the lists to the first store. OK. 2nd store. Turned to check that I had the list, grabbed it and my wallet off the seat next to me. Out of the car. Shut the door. Keys in the ignition. OK, I'll just call my youngest son at work. He has a spare key to my car. I don't have his phone number but I can look it up in the phone book. He works at "South what?". OK. He works for Dr. ..."some name". Whoops. Let's see. Oh, yes, Dr. whoever is a Plastic Surgeon. Go down the list of plastic surgeons in the yellow pages. Ah, there he is. The last one. Dr. Youngblood.

I'll just do my shopping while I wait for my son. I've got the wrong page of the list and I can't read the list through the car window. Son lets me in the car. I carefully take the keys from the ignition and get the right list. I finish up OK at this store.

Next store. Right list. Get all items. Load car. Get in, turn key. Key won't turn in ignition. Try it in door locks again. OK. Key won't turn in ignition. Obviously the car is broken. Back into store. Call married daughter (who, fortunately for me, is a stay at home mother of small children). She will come and pick me up and take me home (not to mention the computer, monitor, 150 pounds of sand, 2 bags of fertilizer, ..... that I have already accumulated).

I am busily swapping computer parts around (I walked in at home only to find out that my motherboard had died while I was out) when the son (who let me in my car walks in) and asks where my car is. I told him that it was broken and still at the last store. "The key won't turn in the ignition." He asks, "Did you jerk on the steering wheel?". Duh!

My DH sweetly took me to pick up my car when he got home from work.

Now aren't we glad I could remember the story to tell?

From: Melody M McArdle <>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999
Subject: Fibrofog Story

My girlfriend and I were about 1/2 way through watching a movie that we had rented, when we both looked at each other and said "I've seen this before." And than a few minutes later, at the same time we both said, "I saw this with you, twice." I think that we both were in a Big FIBROFOG at that point.

From: Diane Tobin <>
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999
Subject: Funny Story

I can't believe i'm writing this! I've read these stories never thinking that something like this would happen to me. At first I didn't want to send it because I was too embarrassed but here goes.

My three brother's and I went to Florida for the week. At this one point we got into an argument and I just wanted to be alone. So I went to the guest laundry room and did my laundry. It was so expensive and I didn't have that much money left. So I washed the clothes. Well, when I was going to put them in the dryer I changed my mind. I took them out and put them on the railing of the hotel room to let them air dry(so I wouldn't have to pay the money to dry them). Later on, one of my brother's decided to do his laundry, he asked me to come downstairs and show him how to work it.

SILLY me, I forgot that I had taken my laundry up to the room. I told him "i'll come down because I have some laundry to pick up anyway." When I got down there I looked into the machine where it was supposed to be and of course it wasn't there. I ran to the front desk and told the manager, who quickly called security. As we were heading down to the laundry room I suddenly remembered what I had done with it. I stopped and mumbled something about my brother taking it upstairs for me. The lady looked at me like I was crazy!!!!!!!!!

From: CCM, Edmonton Alberta
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 1999
Subject: Fibrofog stories

This happened while I was still in my mobile days, grocery shopping, get to checkout and frantically searching through my purse for my checkbook, then I realized what I had dug out of my purse and was holding in my hand, nope you guessed wrong. I had the TV zapper. The checkbook was still on the coffee table at home.

Doctor told me when I get home, to locate and make an appointment with an eye doctor who could see me asap. I went through the phone book phoning doctors until I found one that could see me in 3 weeks and made an appointment. Knowing how bad I am of keeping track, I wrote the date and time of the appointment down and gave the paper to my husband to record on our calendar. On Monday morning, day of appointment, we get up and dressed and was just walking out the door when my hubby asked me where we are going. I had no idea. Needless to say I missed the appointment and spent the next three days phoning doctor's office asking if they had booked an appointment for me and trying to explain the fibrofog. When booking the appointment, I didn't follow a pattern just hit and miss. I had to start at A and explain my problem until I finally found the doctor under the T.

From: TNT Angela <>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999
Subject: Fibro-Fog Follies & other stuff

Here's my story: One morning I got up and bathed then went into the kitchen to cook breakfast. As I bent down to get the eggs out of the refrigerator, I caught a glimpse of my body. I had forgotten to put on any clothes. With teen boys in the house, I do not normally run around nekkid.

From: "rlddkh"
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999
Subject: fog story

Enjoyed the stories, it's good to know I'm not alone in the fog! Here's one for ya... One morning I was putting on my, mascara, then the lips. I kept looking in the mirror in astonishment because I saw my lips DISAPPEARING! It took me a minute to realize that I had put on ZIT stick (cover concealer stick) instead of lipstick. It was nice and creamy though.

Just recently, I was in a dark movie theater, snacking on salty popcorn. Decided I needed to re-apply my lipstick. Reached in my pocket, applied it, and then decided I'd better go to the bathroom before the movie got too good to leave. Went right across the hall, fortunately no one saw me, because I came out of the bathroom to wash my hands, and saw that my lips were gone again. That stuff really looks funky under bright light.

Used my husband's shaving cream as hair mousse one day, it gave my hair a nice menthol smell.

Ronna Lee in West Virginia

Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999
Subject: fibro fog

I have a fibro fog line for you...Your swimming pool is low on water, you start to fill it that morning, hubby comes home that afternoon to find the backyard flooded...


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