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Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998
Subject: Fibro Fog

I have a short story to add to your list. I was on vacation with my husband and daughter. Knowing that both my daughter and I needed to take our medications at the same time I packed all the pills in a baggie for the trip. One days' worth of pills, one baggie. Well, it came time to take my medication, so what do I do? I take her medication and mine. No harm done, except that I was very embarrassed when I had to call the drug store for help.

Gwen Smoult
Senior Customer Support Technician
GTE Enterprise Solutions
Excellence = Exceeding Expectations

Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998
From: "John S. Lambert"
Subject: Lighter side

Katrina Berne's list was splendid. Flat on my back with a laptop, I howled in delight. Here's another contribution.....

A guy who has CFS and his wife were having dinner with a couple who were friends of theirs. The husband of the guests asked him, "How're you doing?" "OK," he said. "Pretty good, I guess." (Pause) "Uh......we went out to dinner last night." "Yeah? Really?" the friend said. "Was the food good?" "The food...? Oh...yeah, the food was good. Uh...... really good. We had, uh.....uh...yeah, really good." "Where'd you go?" the friend asked. "Where'd we go?" "Yeah, you know, what restaurant?" "Uh....we went to ....uh, you know that flower...uh...that tall flower, red mostly, uh....with those little sticky things?.....uh...THORNS, yeah, thorns, you know that flower?" "You mean, a rose?" his friend asked. "Yeah, that's it! Exactly!", he replied. Then he turned to his wife and said "Hey Rose, honey, where'd we go for supper last night?"

Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999
From: "Lori"
Subject: Fibro Follies

I love the page! I have some funny stories, having to do with things I say...

One day when the fog was particularly thick and the pain and fatigue were pretty overwhelming, I told my husband, "When I got home from work, I was so tired I just laid down on the porch." Of course, I meant couch.

Then when I discovered my teenage son was on the computer at 11:00 pm on a school night, I stuck my head in the doorway and admonished him, "This is a school night! Don't say up too quick."

Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999
From: "Tammie
Subject: story

I have another brain fog story to add to your list.

I did the grocery shopping for me and my mom. Bought quite a few groceries. I put them all away. For the next week or two, every time me or my mom opened the cabinet we would smell this horrible smell. Couldn't figure out what it was. It finally disappeared and we thought no more about it. One day, my mom was looking through the cabinet and found something strange. Seems in my fog, I had put the fish sticks in the cabinet instead of the freezer! They had been thawed so long they had lost their smell!!!!

Date: Thu, 06 May 1999
From: "Cynthia Ratcliffe"
Subject: One more...

When I was getting my early FM symptoms and always had a sore throat, but was still managing to work, I used throat spray a lot and hair spray on my way to work. In the dim light in the car one evening, I mistook the hair spray for the throat spray (forgetting I even had hair spray in the car). You guessed it. You haven't experienced anything till you have sprayed your throat with hairspray with 30 miles of country before you can get to the nearest gas station to get something to wash it out with. YUK!!

From: Brian,Joni & Miranda
Date: 4 June, 1999
Subject: Anyone Hungry.....? ;-)

Hi there!  Whew!  Glad to know that I'm not alone!  The fibrofog gets so thick some days that I need a fog light permanentaly attatched to my head!  =8-)  Due to chronic pain, I make 'soup and sandwiches' quite often for supper.  Usually my husband doesn't mind but this one night....    I took the Clam Chowder soup out of the cupboard, held it in front of his face and casually asked him if he wanted "Cream of Caterpillar" soup for supper.  He immediately lost his appetite!  I felt hurt that he didn't appreciate my choice for our meal, until he pointed out to me what I had just offered him!  Eeeeeeewww!  Maybe we'll become vegetarians!  :o)

Ooooopppss!!!  Forgot to tell you my name! (told you I needed that Fog light!  ;-)  It's Joni Simpson (aka: Jonikas)  

From: shelli nelson
Date: 10 June 1999
Subject: CFS War Stories

I live in a fairly small town (Williamsburg. VA) -- the surrounding area is
still somewhat rural (although the developers are doing the best they can to
change that). After three years of living here, I get lost with frightening
ease and regularity. I now carry a detailed map of the area in my car at
all times so I can figure out where I am and how I got there. The developers
are really quite cruel as they change existing roadways and rename roads with
fiendish delight.

From: Janelle - 3jbees
Date: 22 June 1999
Subject: Fibro Story

I am so happy these stories are told, they just made my day !! I am able to relate to all of them and in having dyslexia on top of fibro, I do and say some pretty bizarre things !! My most embarrassing incident happened one day when I went grocery shopping. My items were checked out, I paid the cashier, and left the store. (No groceries.)  The bag boy came after me and asked if I would like them? Laughing, I said no, I just felt the urge to shop today.... He nicely brought the groceries to the car, and I gave him no explanation !! 

From: Cyntha Landon
Date: 08 July 1999
Subject: Fibro Fog Stories! Was laughing so hard...

When I was just coming down with this...still trying to get diagnosed...I remember a time, I was still an EMT, how I did it and survived I don't know...but I had just received an emergency call.  At the time I was watching TV.  In a hurry I grabbed my things and ran to my emergency unit to respond.  Funny thing...instead of using the units radio to tell dispatch I was responding, I used the TV control instead.  Was I losing it or what.??

From: Helene
Date: 15 July 1999
Subject: Foggy Day Story

Hey, I have a story of a "foggy day" too! Don't know if the fog is Lupus, FM or Lyme--but what the heck, the docs don't know either! Anyway, I usually carry sinus nose spray when I go on an airplane trip to ease the pressure of landing and take off. I also always carry rewetting drops to deal with wearing contacts and having dry eyes. Well, we were visiting friends in Texas and I was sitting there under the ceiling fan in the family room when I decided that the dry eyes needed some soothing drops. I went into my purse and took out the bottle of drops and squirted some right into the old blinkers--and OUCH!!!    Did you know that menthol nose drops are great for a  real eye opener???   Talk about feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed? I was sure of one thing--my sinuses were clear and eyes were wide open!!!    

From:Melanie Boyer
Date: 28 July 1999
Subject: Fibro Fog

I always send my favorite sister a birthday card without fail. Last year I forgot. I sent a belated one with the inscription "sorry I forgot to send this rock sooner." She now sends me a rock from her driveway every year. Soon I'll have her whole driveway in my living room.

From: Cindy Herbes
Date: 16 Aug 1999
Subject: Fibro Fog

Thanks for providing this page. I'll think of all my fellow foggies when I'm tempted to check myself into a psych ward.

One of my best (or worst) fog stories starts with dinner, as so many do. I was making barbecued ribs for my family, including several grown children who were coming over. When my teenage son and another family member informed me that same evening that they wouldn't be able to make it, I was very disappointed to have so few kids to serve dinner to. Then I got a call from a young man who said he would be coming to dinner. Suddenly I realized it was my oldest son, Adam. I was so excited to discover that I had another child (my firstborn), and to realize I was making his favorite meal, that it was hours before it occured to me I had forgotten he existed. (He only lives a mile away and I see him and talk to him every few days.)

It hurt Adam's feelings a little bit when I related this story to him, so I shared with him another incident that had happened just a month or two earlier, when I was thinking with pleasure about how sweet my five-year-old son Brian was. In the midst of my reverie, I heard some banging around upstairs and remembered that there was a 6'2" high schooler upstairs, and I wondered who he could be. Took me a good three minutes to work it into my consciousness that it WAS my "five-year-old." Somehow he had become a 17-year-old without my knowledge.

Cindy Herbes Spokane, Washington (at least I THINK I live in Spokane.)

From: "M&P"
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999
Subject: Fibro-fog story

One day my husband and I were driving down a side street behind a neighborhood bar and eatery. Totally turned around because I hadn't driven in years, nor been out of the apartment for weeks, I told my husband that I had no idea of where we were. Just then I spotted the neon lights of above mentioned establishment - "The Daily Planet" - and I excitedly said, "Oh, I know where we are; I can see Planet Earth." Needless to say, this has become a family joke to identify bouts of FMS/CFS BF.

Gentle Hugs, Phyllis, San Diego, PWC/FMS - far too long.

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