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Always on the lookout for chuckles for the Rx "laughter is the best medicine," I collected a number of funny anecdotes posted on of real tales of what those of us with CFS/FMS find ourselves doing while in the midst of "Fibro Fog."

> Have I done this! I recently bought the same book in two separate sections
> of the same bookshop, half an hour apart. Just thought I was getting old
> VERY fast, until I found this list.
Can anyone top clearing off a refrigerator shelf to put a cake in to bake?

Nancy, who has not only lost it, but doesn't know where to look for it................

Ever notice how much a can of room freshener resembles a can of Secret?

PookieKat, smelling fresh

...Or a can of hair-spray looks like air-spray (my name for room freshener). Good thing I keep the oven cleaner in a safe place. Can't tell the shampoo from the conditioner, or the Carmex from the eye cream, or the Zostrix from the tooth paste. The list goes on, glad I'm not the only one....

Leslie Franz

...Just think, if you get any room odors going all you have to do is walk around and flap your arms. I'd say that was pretty ingenious of you!!

Gale Bouchillon

...PookieKat, can you use a "stick" or roll-on deodorant instead? I've never confused my stick deodorant with anything else, ever, not even on my worst fibrofog days! It helps that I keep the deodorant in the same spot

Ellen Pickett

...Oh, yeah? Well I guess I have to jump in here and 'fess up that my Mitchum's came in a cylindrical container that sort of (not really, but who could tell my f-brain?) Looked like a huge Chapstick. It even dispensed with a twist. Yuk! Pffft! :-Q

I now use a deodorant crystal. Works great as a deodorant! And I don't mix it up with anything!

Trisha Benedict

Madalynn had the dog's antibiotic in her hand one day and the phone rang.........

That's right her brain fog made HER take the pill rather than giving it to the dog. I'm happy to report that wife and dog have fully recovered!

Madalynn Mallo

How about taking the cereal and putting it in the refrigerator and the milk in the cupboard? Or putting the carton from a TV dinner in the oven?

An old roommate once called me up at work and asked me if there was any particular reason I put my shoe in the refrigerator. She was used to me putting the milk in the cupboard, but the shoe thing really had her stumped. (Me too.)

Kaye Black

...and the dinner in the garbage? I'm not forgetful ! Honest, I forgot how to get to my doctor's office yesterday, had to stop and ask where the darn street was twice and I've been going there for the last four years. Oh well back to the salt mines.

Michelle in Las Cruces

My husband and my son asked me to put their clothes that no longer fit in bags for recycling at the Sally Ann. It seems I very carefully went into their closets, put all the clothes they planned to keep into bags, and left the rest on their beds, where they had left them.... People not too happy with me right now....hubby thinks it was a freudian hint I want to live in all girl's house! Did not realize I had done it till it was pointed out to me -- and it took several times of telling before the fog lifted enough to hear what they were saying.

I am now in the habit of checking in the freezer for things I have lost...


The Ultimate Brain Fog Story

One of our lurkers shared this with me tonight and asked me pass it on to the list. She had her 2 -- 10 mg. doxepin night time meds in one hand and was talking to her dogs and getting them doggie treats. YUP -- you guessed it, she gave the dogs the doxepin, but NO she didn't eat the doggy treats. Now she has to call the emergency vet (who very nicely didn't laugh and ask why she was giving her dogs tricyclics) and ask if she needs to do anything for them. The vet had to call Poison Control, as doxepin is not on any list of doggy meds. Good news -- the dogs will be OK and sleep very well tonight.

But my friend is convinced that she is losing it, and wonders how she can be trusted to do anything. She figures that tomorrow morning she is going to give the dogs oatmeal, and she will have kibble.

Claire Sease

Funny as these tales were, it seems that they are now inspiring CFS DAYS visitors to share their own Fibro-fog experiences to add to the list! Read on.... :-)

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