Why there isn't a Fibromyalgia Awareness Day...

Here's a humorous message I came across on the Fibrom-L Internet list.

Original Date: Mon, 17 Apr 1995
Originally From: Sue Ellen Adkins
Subject: FMS Awareness Day - Humor

Why there isn't a Fibromyalgia Awareness Day...

1. Nobody could remember when it was.

2. Nobody could remember the color of the ribbons

3. We couldn't find a ribbon color that wasn't already used that coordinated with all colors of sweats.

4. The ribbon's pin pushed on a trigger point.

5. PWF couldn't fold the ribbon into the proper shape.

6. How could there be an awareness day for something that doesn't exist?

7. PWF are too depressed to get out of bed and attend a rally.

8. Social Security would use the ability to rally as proof of our ability to work.

9. Everyone kept getting paper cuts trying to fold all the flyers.

10. The bags carrying our meds were too heavy to carry.

11. No one wanted to leave home overnight because we couldn't pack our beds.

12. Someone had to hold the planning meeting, and nobody's house was clean enough.

13. Someone set up a massage booth, and it got so crowed it collapsed. Since everyone was in the booth at that time, there was no one left to rally.

14. There weren't enough phone lines and laptop computers, so someone would have to wait to access the list.

16. There was a protest by all the religious right folks who felt that if we were all good Christians and lived our lives right, we wouldn't have FMS.

17. Everyone wanted the same bumper stickers, "See, I Told You I Was Sick!", and the printers ran out!

18. There weren't enough porta-potties in the state for the folks with IBS!

19. The chocolate manufacturers who were going to offer free samples got hi-jacked before they reached the site, they arrested so many PWFMS that the jails were too full.

20. The politicians suddenly realized the size of our voting block, and their media trucks filled all the parking spots.

21. Some doctor said "It's All In Your Head," but they never found the body.

22. The booth offering *Chocolate Diet Pills* ran out in ten minutes.

23. Since it was held on the west coast, California tipped over from the crowd and fell into the Pacific.

24. The people using TENS units shorted out the Pacific power grid.

25. Ten percent of the crowd went into flare at the same time, and the resulting glow melted the ice caps at both poles!

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