Get Fit While You Sit

From Women's Health Source of Highland Hospital Fall 1994 Newsletter

You do not need to participate in a vigorous exercise program to maintain your muscle tone. Most people sit for a certain portion of every day, many exercises can be performed while sitting to help keep yo in shape. Mild exercises are beneficial to maintain overall flexibility, maintain lung capacity and possibly decrease joint pain. The following can be done at your desk or in front of the TV in a few minutes.

Coordinating each of these exercises with your breathing will maintain your lung capacity and prevent you from holding your breath while exercising. For example, inhale every time you exercise your right leg or arm and exhale when you exercise your left arm or leg. All exercises should be performed slowly two or three times a day. If any of these exercises causes pain, stop performing that exercise. This exercise program can contribute to your sense of well-being if performed on a regular basis.

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