Fatigue Busters - Tips for Saving Energy

By Mary-Teresa Schmidt
From the Fidonet CFS Echo, 11-15-94

Around the house:

  1. Don't stand when you can sit.
  2. Plan your activities and assemble everything before you start.
  3. Reschedule daily tasks so you do some only 3 or 4 times a week so you have time to rest each day.
  4. Delegate tasks: ask children or other family members to help.
  5. Schedule regular rest periods each day.
  6. Use a cart, wagon or basket to carry things from one part of the house to the other to eliminate retracing your steps.
  7. Move things you use often to lower-accessible shelves.
  8. Use power tools and labor saving electric appliances.

During personal grooming:

  1. Sit on a stool in the bathroom while shaving or applying makeup. Prop elbows up on counter if you can.
  2. Allow enough time to complete grooming in "phases," allowing for frequent rest periods.
  3. Use warm, not hot water for baths or showers. Hot water increases muscle fatigue.

While shopping:

  1. Get a handicap sticker for your car.
  2. Shop when you are at your peak energy.
  3. Shop by yourself for only a few items. Let other family members do major weekly shopping.
  4. When shopping alone, ask a grocery clerk to carry out groceries.
  5. If you arrive home tired, put away only the perishables. A family member of friend can do the rest.
  6. Shop by phone whenever possible.
  7. Avoid peak shopping/traffic hours.

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