Dr. Management Techniques

By Jesse
Madison, Wisconsin USA

Area: Newsgroup: alt.med.fibromyalgia
Date: 04-20-95
From: Jesse Kaysen
Subj: Dr Mgmt Technique

Darlene, Linda, all,
I have had my share of horrible doctors, neurologists, dermatologists, every kind of nasty-ologist. They have lied, insulted, and one even assaulted me.

4 things that have helped me find more useful medical care:

  1. Attitude shift

    I hire the doctor. I am the customer. If the dr. tries to control the situation, I walk out the door.

  2. Interview doctor before "hiring"

    To find my current (groovy) dr., I called around for Internists at my HMO. I scheduled a first visit that was a "compatibility interview"--one hour long! I laid out what my bad experiences had been; the qualities I was seeking in a doc; various "lifestyle" issues I had been criticized for in the past. Asked him how he felt. Asked him how he handled "unknown origin" type stuff; what he thought of AIYH-type (All In Your Head) answers. In this case, I got the answers I wanted, so I hired him.

  3. Don't go alone!

    I always take my lovely SO along to remember things. We write and discuss what's important for this appointment beforehand. I make 3 copies -- two for us, one for the doctor and my chart. The doc loves it. He gets an "agenda" for the visit, I never leave with questions unanswered.

  4. Vent and network with other patients

    You know all about this one already, that's why you're on the list. But seriously, doctors really do have a code of silence (in the U.S., it's part of the AMA's rules), so I realize that I can't get sympathy about mis-handling from even the best doctor. Complain to your provincial/state med society! Write a letter to the doc saying why you are angry! Copy everything you write and keep sending! It will help the next person.

Hope this helps.

Jesse Madison, Wisconsin USA
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