DHEA -- The "Mother" Hormone

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Date: 02-09-95
From: Chuck Stoy

Here is some info. I picked up a while ago, sounds interesting -

DHEA is turning out to be one of the truly remarkable compounds of all time. Its name is at least a yard long, one of the real justifications for acronyms. Here is the sixty-four dollar word for DHEA:


It has been called the "Mother" hormone because our body converts it upon demand into whatever hormone(s) it needs. (By definition it is a precursor hormone. A precursor is a substance used by the body to form another substance, in the of case DHEA, the body can use it to produce many of the other hormones it requires.) It is produced naturally by the adrenal glands, and is the most abundant steroid in the human bloodstream and brain. In the human body its production decreases with age, and is one of the most reliable markers of aging.

If you are into heavy duty info a book, "The Biologic Role of Dehydroepiandrosterone," by Walter de Gruyter, 1990, describes the functions of DHEA and provides clinical evaluations on the treatments of many diseases with DHEA.

DHEA type products are claimed to have anti-aging characteristics, to be good anti-obesity agents, effective in alzheimer's cases, cancer, diabetes, memory problems, increasing energy, sex drive, handling stress, osteoporosis, irritability and depression, weight loss, etc. It also eliminates the need to be taking estrogen.

The source for DHEA is Discorea - "Wild Yam", which is valued in both the herbal and scientific communities for its powerful effect on regulating hormone production. Many species of Discorea contain high concentrations of plant steroids which provide the building blocks used in the production of both progesterone and cortisone. It is probably the most widely used herb in the world today. Wild Yam has no known side effects and is nontoxic. It can be used over an extended period of time with no harmful effects.

Before January 1994, DHEA was available only by prescription in synthetic form. The naturally occurring DHEA was ineffective when taken orally because it broke down in the digestive tract. This problem was overcome with the development of Proteusterone, which is an all-natural DHEA precursor complex combined with a proprietary compound to allow for proper absorption by the body. Recent research indicates that Discorea precursors can be converted naturally in the body. This opens the door to a more natural correction of many hormonal problems, aging, etc., as listed above.

Proteusterone is one of the components of numerous products distributed by Emprise International, Inc., of Grand Prairie, Texas. Since Emprise has been successful as a distributor of DHEA and other products being developed by various research laboratories, I would expect to see other companies copy the idea and also become distributors.

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