Updated September, 2000

The following is posted on behalf of Nancy Solo and the Chronic Syndrome Support Association, Inc.

The Chronic Syndrome Support Association, Inc., is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The purpose of this organization is to spread awareness of FMS/CFS/GWS/MCS/MPS.

CSSA's goal is to distribute a one-page triple-fold pamphlet that is available, AT NO CHARGE (nominal shipping charges), to people on the net who are interested in furthering the awareness of FMS, CFS, PGS, MCS and MPS. They can be placed in public locations near you where people go to seek the help they need -- pharmacies, libraries, hospitals, health-food stores, doctors' offices, etc., so that it can reach people who have these chronic syndromes and don't know it. They may have been given the old IAIYH pitch, they may not have computer access, they may have access but not the time to do the research that we all have. You choose the place, you choose the method. One of my e-mail friends has used it for her support group and Arthritis Foundation Chapter, since she thinks it covers the subject extremely well.

The second part is a quarterly newsletter by subscription. The newsletter covers FMS/CFS/MCS/PGS/MPS and is written *by* healthcare professionals, both traditional and alternative. Also included are articles or stories by people who have these chronic syndromes, as well as their significant others.

I want to offer the free pamphlet to anyone who has an interest in distributing it. If you have a desire to do so, there are a number of ways to get it. It's available at my website, http://www.cssa-inc.org, as long as it's kept intact and in its entirety. Volume shipments are also available, either at the website or by e-mail ( nsolo@cssa-inc.org ).

This is not an advertisement for the newsletter. It is simply an offer to those who have an interest in distributing the pamphlet. Please feel free to pass this on to other chronic syndrome newsgroups, sufferers, or groups who might not have computer access.

Lots of things are happening in research, and we will get the word out even further!

Nancy Solo

The Chronic Syndrome Support Assn., Inc.
Phone: 910-272-0590 Fax: 910-272-0904
nsolo@cssa-inc.org Web: http://www.cssa-inc.org

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